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  1. Due to the immensely rising shipping costs of my 30 year supplier ($56 per 5 gallons) and all the hype of the DOP, I decided to purchase the DOP Black Label Finesse blend and at least for me it was not a desirable plastic. Not clear, a bunch of micro bubbles and very very sticky baits. It was well mixed and heated to 365deg. I do not use a microwave, I just let my pots heat it. I will say this....its inexpensive that's for sure. I use 35-55 gallons a season and was looking forward to saving a few bucks on this raved about plastic.....a let down for sure.
  2. That was my system. I will try and find the photos and diagrams for you and re post. .
  3. First time out with this core shot Ned mold. Love it!!!
  4. Having a little fun with some Angling A.I. molds. Super nice shooting molds and innovative!
  5. No sorry. Its one of my most prized possessions. Spent almost 10 years to perfect it. Temp control/cycles and mixing salt and plastic consistently, on a small scale system without aeration ....was one of the most challenging tasks ever! Thankfully Ultra molds had a crazy cool delivery system for me to add to my little invention....The Shooting Star!!!!!
  6. "That's 562.5 baits per hour, 9.375 baits per minute" It takes exactly 21 seconds from draw to topping off mold and that's not being in a rush. (21 seconds for 20 Sticks.) have posted the video several times over the years and its also on my FB page, if your skeptical check it out. "Trimming"???? I don't trim anything. Not sure what trimming would be needed unless you molds are causing flashing. "Curing time" It takes my machine about 7 minutes to cycle a load of plastisol, during that process the molds are emptied and baits hung on racks for 10 day curing, color and g
  7. I have a custom Shooting Star system that has been in use every day since the Gen2 was released many years ago. Hundreds of gallons have been through it with Zero issues! On a typical 8 hour day, it will put out 4,500 5" Stickbaits (approximately 13 gallons) For the size of my needs, this system really delivers.....and it didn't cost me $20,000.00. I can not speak for the stock mixing system of the Ultra Moulds Shooting Star, because I have a custom laminar mixing/pot system to handle the salt content needed for Stick baits.
  8. This photo is a few years old....since it was taken my glitter rack expanded a wee bit LMAO and I installed a new exhaust hood extension. I also have a de-molding bench, a curing racks area and shelving for my bulk glitter, pearls and colorant....all in a small section in the basement, that my lovely wife has yet to claim as eminent domain
  9. I have been an active supporting TU member since the very first week that they came on the net back in the very early 90’s. TU rules….I know them and know them well, not to mention I have always followed them to a T. A few months ago I put a couple of photo’s showing the lost art of old school hand pouring and the 3D effects that you can create with this method compared to the 21st century lams everybody is doing with their injection set ups. I got pounced on like a spider in the girls high school locker room! Not sure what rule I broke??? Looked over TU rules several times to make sure some
  10. LOL... "link" your going to have to do that on your own. Their website is not user friendly, you will have to poke around 12 or so pages and find it. The order in which the glitter shows up on their site will vary depending on which browser your are using
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