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  1. I am removing my account as we text. Would be helpful if TU required folks to sign their name also. Easy to type and hide. Peace out TU. Jim
  2. Also Mike, there was no offer to return the product. They just wanted to send samples. They were worse than the other stuff. So man up and get on the other thread and help the guy with your vast knowledge of hand pouring and the current products. Doubt you gave cooked either in a microwave so what can you say. No response is no response. Later much. Jim
  3. You asked to be kept up on what they were doing. I went the extra mile and tested the samplesm for Lureworks. Sent and email back several weeks ago. No response. Nothing more to say or do I guess. Guess the other guy is wrong in posting his results and non response too. Give me a break Mike. Signing off from stupid TU. Place is going back to how it was a couple years ago. No help, just a bunch of whiny people. Jim
  4. Mike, id you go back and review things, you can see I did not post up about the drums first. Others speculated, including you. This post is about CCM. If somebody posts an unrelated piece of intfo or not true info, I respond. Smallmouthaholic brought it back to the top regarding price, not me. Kaja is talking about molds and other stuff, not the plastisol. Have you either used it? Doubt it so you can only knock it for its cost. Don't buy a Ferrari since it costs too much. Just talk about how going fast is dangerous. All ridiculous. Jason is just another guy in the business that has treated me right. No more than that. I am not up his but like others are with their buddies. Others have not treated me right or sold me products that are inferior. If people made up shit about them, I would call that out too. Talk about the product or let this topic die. You all keep it going, not me. Let's get on with micro bubbles now..... Jim
  5. I had further samples sent to me for testing. I sent results to Bruce. Got no response at all either. Jim
  6. If there is information that is not true, I have every right to attempt to straighten out. If those guys would not speculate the costs and call Jason, they would not have to make uneducated guesses. Jim
  7. Cool thing is, this thread is about CCM!!!!!!!!! Jim
  8. I am biased to the company that is being attacked without cause. Same shit happened with Kevin molds a while ago. Cry and moan is all that I here. Poke and pry. No info on the topic, just unrelated posts. If you can't get behind quality products, attack them or try to belittle them. Products stand on their own merits. Jim
  9. That is my point Mike. You get a price break but you are making the amount like he wouldn't give one. Local came from my phone back to adding in stuff. Auto text. Mike, you are biased to Spike It, no doubt. Start another thread on it and I will be glad to post my last results with that. This thread is about CCM plastisol and who got it. What part of that don't you guys get? If you want to talk about off topic stuff, start another thread. Jim
  10. What do molds have to do with this Kajan? I could care less. Bear copied all his stuff from existing baits or current baits. Big deal. What is your point? Again, you guys are trying to tear this guy sown because he is on the way up. Why doesn't your guy go out and make his own plastisol instead of carrying junk after junk? He can't, won't??? If you switch brands you cathy every few months what kind of crap is that??? Give it up and start a thread on what you feel he copied or whatever your deal is. I have bought from Bear, COM, LC, Del etc and continue to. You guys are biased and it shows. Plastisol performance?????? Jim
  11. So if he offers a 55local gallon drum for less than your extrapolation, you will offer a very public apology for incorrect info. This is like Toyota saying they can tell what Ford is going to charge. Come on, get off it and call the guy if you need or want a 55 gallon drum. All the rest of this talk is speculation. Compare performance and get back to me Mike. Jim
  12. I think it is a good choice if you use those. Using the mic and salt and eveything all at once will make doing other baits easy. I say go for it! Jim
  13. You can't just extrapolate that way Mike!!! You also have to consider you are using the pricing that is including shipping, not just the product price. That would make your numbers incorrect from the start. How did you get $4.42 per lb????? 55 gallons/$1294.80 = .00442 x 100 = $4.42 per lb??? If so, that would put Spike It pourasol at $5.26 per lb. Incorrect math. I will agree the prices are high.Too high for everything!!! LC went up a good while ago. Think it was May... Problem for me is that at the $132 for 5 with LC plus shipping of $26. $158.. I'll pay a extra for M-F or CCM not having to stir and scrape every day. M-F is almost the same at $175 to my house. Even if something was $20 a gallon but produced inferior baits, you could not compete. Cheaper plastisols require far more prep time and scent to cover up the pvc's when hand pouring. You can't disallow that time cost either. Time is money with hand pouring/hand injecting. The great thing is that there are choices available to all on what to buy so nobody is forced to buy what they don't want. Jim
  14. Also, try www.searsoutlet.com... They have some for $15 if you have one in your area.... Jim
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