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  1. Interesting video... It answered a major question I had about schooled fish. Weather or not the others scattered or at least went on the defensive after one was caught. the vid showed that all the other fish didn't even flinch when the fish was yanked away from the group... I found that to be extremely interesting... : and very surprising.
  2. Using the chameleon paints is an awsome idea. Nature seems to do this on her own. Well Donr there Vy.
  3. whent and did the water puty thing and tried my hand at it.
  4. This thing is completely interactive and very simple to navigate. It is all in the stand alone program and can even do 3D. By far the best I have tried. http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/Google_Earth_Free/1119970579/1
  5. There system is nice but you can make it cheaper. All you need is some L (90*) aluminum cut it down to the lengths you need. drill holes on one side 1/2"away from edge about 1/2 apart. them mount to lid of storage area. take no tome if you have a drill press. can be done my hand but takes a little longer. if drilling by hand use a center punch
  6. if your fallowing a saved link retype the URL. I had this problem for a bit after upgrade. also delete your cookies and saved files. from the tools Internet options on your IE toolbar. should solve the problem. my old link was wrong for some reason had an extension after www.tackleunderground.com
  7. Man Nice job Red. Thanks for the hard work and dedication.
  8. I would do it in word and save as a pdf file. then just make an autorun file and ad the adobe reader (free file) to the cd you can do a search in google about writing an auto run. or find one on an old cd and make the changes needed to the script in notepad and save it. I would have it pop up with the company logo then have 2 links on it 1: browes catalog 2: install adobe reader Hope this helps.
  9. i use the Norman snaps as well and love them. I still leave the split rings in place for added action. I have noticed on jigs and paddle tails or grubs the snaps will sometimes start to come off. but if you look at it every few casts your ok. I think its from fatiqui (sp) from use thow. I have started changing clips when I retie from frays and stressed line. seames to have solved the probblem.
  10. You and all your family are in our prayes B&B, God Bless Brother.
  11. We use an extendable pole hith a walmart elcheapo lure retriever wired to the end. It colapses to fit in the rod locker on the boat and extends to about 12'. We also have a a lead piece about 5 OZ with chains inbeded and a line holder snap to guide it with 25' of cord for the deep stuff.
  12. Man we wish you the best, and may God guid the doctors hand. we will be praying for you to have a speedy recovery.
  13. exacto knife hanles, or dowles with a slit and bolt like a vise.
  14. Welcome aboard. this place is full of priceless info.
  15. it would be great if everybody that whent to BU or any other fishing seminars did a word doc of them so we could all share. Ill even offer to host them since the size of the files can get a bit big. If yall will type them up and send them to me in an email. I will make a dedicated page with downlaod links to them. yep I'll eat the band with for this I think it will be worth it. Just remember to lock your docs so nobody els can edit them and take credit for your notes. If yall are game for this let me know.
  16. N/P guys it was my plesure was going to do it for myself anyways. Sorry if ya cant read my chicken scratch on the scanned drwaings. they were writen in haste LOL
  17. Heres the notes I took. Finaly edited and put into a word doc, for you guys that asked for em www.jbelectronicstn.com/b_u_05.doc Ya'll might wanna do a save on it, its pretty big. 23 pages of writen notes turned into 11 pages in word LOL Hope ya'll enjoy them.
  18. I would think for those that have a Biz Lic in this area. That you could have your insurance agent send them a formal letter on your behafe to get the info. Especialy if they are conserned themselfs. For the hobiest I'd think there would be no recorse. A MSDS like stated is only requied if harmful chemicals are used. Also any harmfull material must be labeled as such and I have not noticed (or realy looked for) any warnings in this area on soft plastics. I have read that fish will pass soft plastics with no problems or any adverse medical efects, and that tests have been ran to asure this. Just rambalings of an observer so disregard if nedded LOL
  19. man I'm glad your OK . My neighbor in Oklahoma had almost the same think hapen. he had a lot smaller pot though. it burned the begisuos out of his hand. defanantly a wake up call, I magin. Again glad your ok.
  20. Good Lord the thing never stops. I hit it walked away to get a glass of tea and a bowl of ice cream, came back and it was still going. LOL 6,something first shot. 8,363.2 second try.
  21. My fishing Partner and I will be at the Nashville one. Same thing present from the wifes. I think there coniving something while were gone
  22. I havent goten these as I havent made any lures yet But I would ask for the School name and phone # along with address. you can then look up the school on the net. and contact the priceple (sp). To see if they are doing this or not. if so then you can deside. I would not call the # provided but find the published # for them. then I would ask if the person that sent the email acualy works there. this may sound sly but in todays socioty you have to be. So can I get a free lure I realy realy like yours Hope this helps and GOD Bless.
  23. http://www.dlmolds.com/ not much there but here it is
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