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  1. we use a hagens wire bender on wood baits,also round nose pliers. on molded lures we had a jig built ..jigs can be easily made with aluminum block and machinist roll pins.
  2. use acetone or lacquer thinner to strip.and as I stated before betcha the company only used a lacquer primer no sealer to go into the wood pore,so primer could adhere to the sealer..i have seen the issue hundreds of times.
  3. try looking at your paints are not dry enuff or not compatable..that will allow peel. no adherence.
  4. at roughly 150ft deep trolling.pressures at 65lbs.
  5. hi be safe with s/steel/ brass screws on joints and belly hangars can be iffy on bigfish,,,been there done that.
  6. we use automotive urethane clear on resins ans plastic cranks.
  7. we build 10-11 and custom 15 inch. max depth 18ft. muskies are hard to get a bite deeper. ..law of average slower when built bigger. colder water metabolism slows up.here on l st clair and st lawerence ,speeds slow up . under 45 degree,s we troll 2.5-3.1 mph.
  8. yty wrapping saranwrap on the lip when primer or painting. stretches tite works great.
  9. woodieb8


    plastic bags,unless your willing to add 3-5 dollars for a plastic tube with end caps..i know the feeling.
  10. woodieb8


    update. here in Canada government has put forth billions as a social monetary net for out of work folks. t-day my wifes coronary doctor called. she requires 2 more heart stents. surgery has been cancelled. last place he stated is to be in a hospital. like I have said before folks. be safe actually be extremely cautious. hunker down till we get an all clear...the worlds changed.
  11. woodieb8


    here in Windsor Ontario. 3 cases of corons virus. .city and country on lockdown..pretty serious stuff if your a senior as we are.
  12. woodieb8

    Wire Size

    hi.we use tig wire.its 1/16th. it bends in a wire bender..thats for our wooden lures. in molded lures we use malins aircraft tie wire 0.51..all our lures are 6 inch and upwards to 15 inch.
  13. never give up. I can attest to having more then a few I have re-homed to young shoulders and backs though.
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