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  1. Where the best place to get wire shafts? I want to stock up on some. The longer the better, pref 18"
  2. I just got a minn kota bow tiller style motor for my pontoon boat. I was looking at extension handles and i ran across this ProKonTroll 360 handle. Has anybody used one? Im going to start looking for one but all ive seen are old postings.
  3. Welcome. I'd say go really big or pretty small.
  4. Lol funny. What are your favorite bass lures? I have to admit I hate fishing plastics most of the time but I have a mold or 2. My favorite is topwater, usually a buzzbait or spinnerbait.
  5. Hey everyone. I have a line on a spin casting machine that I dont want. It can be had cheap, prob 100-150. I'm going to see the guy in a few days n pick some stuff up. If your in so cal and willing to pickup in victorville I'm offering to drag it home as a good deed and pass it forward. I dont need it as I already have 3. And my wife wants to kill me as it is lol. I'll check it out in a few days n see if its good
  6. I'm just wondering of anyone has ever seen on of the do-it molds for small ball jigs? I know there are alot of other options now. Just wondering if anyone has seen one?
  7. Yes I want to make some clear poppers like the rebel teeny pop-r.
  8. Ya I was thinking 6-7 also. Ya i remember Rowland being on it . I believe i still have one somewhere. I want to try n made some up. Thanks rob
  9. Anyone have any old ones around? Im wondering what the willow leaf size was of the blade. these had much larger than normal willow blades.
  10. Is it liquid with catalyzer or solid with heat or what? I'm looking for something I can pour
  11. What kind of plastic is used for hard crank and top water bodies?
  12. Mustang wire is all custom made to order fyi. I already contacted them.
  13. ya interesting. i didnt see any info online. id prob be interested in a .045 also
  14. i much prefer a flat type head vs a cone. Alot of buzzbaits have a heavy feel as u DRAG them thru the water. I prefer the buzzbait to float up a little and feel lighter so its easier on me and i can go slower the a louder plop plop plop. Just like i do not like the off center out of balance blades. Stanley buzzbaits do pretty good. I was useing them way back and nothing came close at the time. Also when they quit running good, you have to close the gap inbetween the prop and the wire frame to get them running good again. just my .02
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