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  1. However you are making your spinner baits, apparently they are working, based on the photos you attached. I wouldn't change anything. Fish them the way you make them. If it works don't fix it.
  2. If you were wire tying and pushing your skirt up against the jighead like Mark mentioned then I can see this happening. If you are using rubber collars, don't push the collar and the skirt up against the head. Back it off if you can. On another note, I wire tie and I like my skirts to flare out by the head. It gives the jig head more bulk. Also with the skirt up against the head, when the jig is pulled or dragged all the skirts strand fold back anyway.
  3. Well that is really clever and a good way to save some money. I like it great idea.
  4. You can also try round bend pliers, which would be the most cost effective way to go if you are only making several.
  5. I keep mine full about an 1" from the top. I thought I read that it was better for the pot to be full than 1/2 or 3/4 full. But don't quote me. Also keeping it full keeps the inner liner from rusting more on the sides. JMO
  6. Jig Man, I'm not saying you should do this, but for the last 5-6 years I've been buying my lead from Roto-Metals. 99.9% pure and then antimony to make my lead harder. I just have faith in their lead that it comes in clean with no other foreign impurities. So far so good. It cost a little more, but I have not had any major issues since I've done this. On your lead, just try to be more selective if that is even possible. Glad you got it cleaned out.
  7. I have had mine for about 8 years and have never cleaned it. I probably should but I don't have any problems with it yet.
  8. Well thanks for the update. Definitely some good info. I would have never thought that Drop-Out would stick to red RTV. I'm just really surprised.
  9. Well that is a good question, I've never thought of that. My first impulse would be to spray over everything, because I don't think the drop out will stick to the silicone thus leaving it wet. With that said, the wet drop-out will probably be messy but you can probably wipe it off the silicone. However if it were me, I would probably tape off the silicone. I am curious though if what I said above would be true. Can you try a sample and give us feedback? Very much appreciated.
  10. cadman

    Skirt Strands

    On smaller jigs 1/4 oz and less I use 2 tabs (44 strands). On larger jigs I use 2-1/2 tabs. There are also many customer requests, which I do what they want. Less strands and the jig sinks faster, more strands and the jig sinks slower. Also more strands blow out more in the water which makes it look bigger. The choice is up to you.
  11. I've gotten weedguards from two places, fishingskirts.com (Boss) and Kayser Lure. The Boss ones I've gotten about a year ago had a longer hub than the ones I received 6 months ago. I think something in their manufacturing process has changed or could be a bad batch or poor quality control. Either way they still work. Just stick the other end of the weedguard in the hole and trim the fused end.
  12. By cut, depending on where it is, you can take a small x-acto and cut along any straight lines and then lift it up. Sometimes when you do that, you can pull a small section out.
  13. I have not found a way to reshape cured silicone. Once it sets, all you can do is cut it or dig it out.
  14. I have never seen that either . However, you will get fisheyes if the jig had small divots in there before powder painting. It almost looks like the paint is too hot, or could be a paint issue. You have a PM from me.
  15. cadman

    Swim jig

    It looks similar to a Poison Tail Jig from the top view.
  16. You can also get a Harbor Freight one as well for $16.97. It looks like they have it on clearance for $8.97 dual heat https://www.harborfreight.com/power-tools/heat-guns-knives-seamers/heat-guns.html
  17. A buddy of mine use to buy his rods from BPS. They were Ugly Stick catfish rods and he loved the. As far as I know he never broke one.
  18. I have been using the Snootie jig for over 12 years, and I love the fact that it goes through cover effortlessly and doesn't pick up weeds. Really good jig.
  19. cadman

    Jig in a jar

    That's an interesting way of powder painting jigs. Lots of clever ideas can always be found on TU.
  20. cadman


    Hey Smalljaw that is pretty cool. I'll have to check it out as well.
  21. After everything I've tried, I still like D2T for my customers jigs that use their jigs in rocky areas. Nothing is fool proof, but D2T has a very hard finish once it cures. Application is just as Kasilofchrisn, mentioned above. JMO.
  22. If you are using vinyl lure and jig paint from CSI, it is lacquer based and yes it will discolor a powder painted jig. If I remember correctly, the lacquer thinner in the vinyl paint softens the powder paint and the powder paint starts to bleed through. Use an acrylic or water based paint, and then clear coat the area around the eye afterwords. There are also markers that can be used and maker pens, however I believe some of those are lacquer based as well......Good Luck.
  23. You can try Plasti-Dip, and turn it upside down with the cut end of the weedguard down. This way the Plasti-Dip will make a small teardrop on the end. I don't know how long it will stay on after it dries.
  24. I'll second the Eagle Claw Lil Nasty hooks. They are extremely sharp and very affordable.
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