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  1. Thanks for the reply UG. Yes, my mold is the EM-3858. I was At Netcraft last week and they no longer carry the 3366G. With everyone on Erie throwing harnesses and Mayfly rigs the weight forward spinner kind of got forgotten about. If I can find the bronze in the 3366 I will go that route.
  2. I made up a few weight forward spinners for walleye on Erie and was wondering which hook to use. The only info I can find is the size of hook(2/0) which is on the mold. I would like to find gold hooks like on many of the manufactured weight forwards but isn't that critical. I wondered if I could use a spinnerbait trailer hook? Any ideas? Thanks guys.
  3. Thanks Jigman. I planned on using my old cooker/burner (I bought a new one for feesh last spring ). I just need to locate a cast pot.
  4. Just finished getting the lead worked up into smaller (12" x 12") pieces that I can work with. I ended up scoring the sheets with a utility knife. I removed as much drywall and paper that would come off easily as I went. In all I ended up with 485# It really added up. I figure I'll begin to melt 100# or so down into ingots and flux it so it can be used. I will probably sell most of it. What would be a fair asking price per# for the state that it is in?(small sheets)
  5. Thanks for the responses guys! I got a little anxious at first but was told today they weren't going to demo the other 3 walls! Then a co-worker and I divied up the pile (he pours bullets) so I didn't end up with the obscene amount I was hoping for. I still have more than I can use for quite some time. I haven't weighed the pile but there must be a couple 100 pounds there. We are getting a snow storm and they are calling for nasty stuff for the next 24 hrs. so I decided to leave the lead in the back of my truck for traction! The gypsum paper backing looks to be the biggest chore to remove
  6. As soon as I entered my post I noticed another post had just been posted concerning x-ray lead. What are the odds? Thanks Boomer. The room is roughly 12 x 12 so I should have plenty.
  7. Gentlemen, At work we have a contractor doing demo work in a building. The demo area was a medical/rehab center and has an X- Ray room with lead - lined walls. The contractor said I could have all the lead after they demoed the area. The sheets are about 1/8" thick and are sandwiched between the metal studs and the drywall. The sheets should be easy to score with a utility knife and reduce down to more managable size for the melting pot. Have any of you used this type of lead? As I said it is mine for the taking and should give me more lead than I'll ever. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thank
  8. I have the Hagen's unit and have used it to a limited degree. My only complaint so far is if you are switching back and forth from heavier wire to lighter wire the converting can be time consuming, if not a royal pain in the arse. If you are only working with one type of wire for a long amount of time this wouldn't be a big deal. I also had to modify my heavy wire head to bend .051 wire with a file. For $30 for the heavy wire kit it should work out of the box. Overall though I like the unit. It is built solid and performs the way it should.
  9. This question is for you reel junkies. I would like to supertune some of my older Abu reels. Has anyone worked with Abu's?(Round Black Max's, C3's) Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  10. :)Great thread!! I dont own any Pro Max's but have many Black Max's, (1) 1600, (2) 3600, (1) 5600, and (1)6600. The 1600 and 3600's are for cranking,spinnerbaits,etc. The 5600 is on my flippin rod as I often use the same rod/reel for launching frogs in the slop and the extra line capacity is a plus. The 6600 is on one of my muskie sticks. I picked this reel up at Wallyworld for $10 in the mid 90's!:nuhuh:It was a display model and they had no paperwork or box and didn't have a clue what it was worth. I figured it had been forgoten about after being discountinued and was just sitting in the cas
  11. Speaking of materials for the membrane, has anyone used a vaccum cleaner bag? Not the whole bag of course but a piece big enough to seal the bottom of the cup.
  12. Thanks for the opinion, Zib. The price for Matzuo's is close to that of Eagle Claw and Mustad. I am going to purchase a few to see how they hold up to the others.
  13. You've got the idea. Good luck!
  14. If there is a previous post on this topic, forgive me. I am pouring jigs 1/80th to 1/8 oz for tying using Do-It molds. Most of my jigs are for personal use for panfish but I have had requests from others to purchase some. I have used VMC and Mustad but would like to find a sharper jig hook out of the box for the lowest price. I am considering Matzuo but dont know what the quality is. I use #10 through #1. Thanks in advance.
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