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  1. Munkin

    Bad hooks

    You always get a few bad ones no matter the manufacturer. What I don't understand is how a reseller that buys a 1k count box and breaks them down into bags did not notice these? If you call them the easiest thing for them to do is just send you a 10 pack of hooks. As for quality control I do not think Matzuo had anyone or they did a lot of drinking on the job. On average 20% of their hooks I bought were unusable. I am not talking about the normal 90 degree hooks that are at 75 and you can fix them with some pliers. The ones I am referring to look like the pics above or are bent 90 degrees in the wrong direction. Allen
  2. Munkin

    Skirt Strands

    This is the way I do it as well with most skirts. Like Cadman I get some requests for swim jigs with like a 30 strand count. Allen
  3. All the ones I have bought from them are like the bottom pic. It will suck if they quit making them? I can definately find cheaper weedguards but not better ones. Allen
  4. I use this stuff on my spincast machine as well as handpour molds. Lead likes to stick in the funnel area of the metal locking plate and this prevents it. Allen
  5. Munkin


    You can now start charging for your autograph. Allen
  6. Munkin

    Swim jig

    You can buy them in bulk from fishingskirts.com at a cheaper price. You have to call but they will sell in bulk. Allen
  7. Casted in lead after using the resin heads as masters.
  8. Progression of the bait. Resin printed 3d.
  9. Miserable failure so far of this rule. Allen
  10. Custom alien head spinnerbait that was made using a 3d printer then spincast in lead. Custom blade to match the head theme. Both the paint on the head and skirt are made from glow in the dark material though I am not happy with the Wicked paint.
  11. Shouldn't this be listed as a hard bait? Allen
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