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  1. Jewell has always used Mustad hooks in the past. Personally I like the 32798 Mustad for all finesse jigs. Looking at that jig its just made with fine cut silicone, nothing special about it IMO. Allen
  2. I wish they made the 32833 with a longer eye length. Allen
  3. These are the manufacturers of the blades. Smaller quantities try Jann's Netcaft, Barlow's Tackle, or Lurepartsonline. Allen
  4. You want metal leader sleeves the next diameter up from the wire size you are using. Allen
  5. Not an inline expert but my guess is that the blade in too big compared to the weight of the bait. I have seen this happen with spinnerbaits when a blade is too big or close to the line tie point. Allen
  6. Looking at the colors I would agree with fishingskirts.com. Allen
  7. Tried calling him several times over the past 3 months and never heard from him. If anyone has his Paypal address please PM me so I can send him some money to help. Allen
  8. Same here, I have 75% less issues pouring in cold weather than the hot humid summer. Allen
  9. Have you checked Hagen'sfish? Allen
  10. SILICONE SKIRT STRIP LAYERS, Lure Making | Jann's Netcraft (jannsnetcraft.com)
  11. Going to try and make some of these myself using a Neko weight that I sand into a point. Figure I can just mold it then cut out a place for the hook and pour. Allen
  12. Check Hagensfish to see if they have them. Allen
  13. I was going to suggest looking into Fly fishing hooks based on the size. Allen
  14. Barlow’s spit jig is spincasted by Cast Industries. Allen
  15. The regular 1/8" are sold by all of the luremaking sites. Allen
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