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  1. JB weld to fill the part that you do not want lead in. Allen
  2. I see a lot them being sold on Ebay. Allen
  3. Looked and I have 3 PB&J tabs, not sure what the other one looks like. Allen
  4. What color? Allen
  5. 9" the 12" is for spinnerbaits. Allen
  6. SPRO/Gamakatsu are what I use and they can be had from Shorty's cheap enough. Personally I don't like the split rings that worth uses. Allen
  7. Have you asked Rotometals what they recommend? I know when I was hand pouring spinnerbaits and buzzbaits harder lead was better. Allen
  8. You can design something in 3d modeling programs. Blender is free but not easy to use (at least for me). Once you create something send it to Bobby and he can create a mold for you. Allen
  9. Hagensfish, Worth, Lakeland all should have them in bulk. Allen
  10. I have one and its decent for a lot of painting. Most of the time I just use it for base coats of white. Allen
  11. Think its a custom spincast head of his. Allen
  12. I am going to catch one this year even if I have to snag it! Allen
  13. If you guys are fishing for bass with these can I come along? Allen
  14. Mustang wire if you want bulk. Allen
  15. Anyone know where I can get some 1/8 hollow black beads? I tried the usual places. Allen
  16. I will send another email to Ohare since I never heard back. Mark at Mustang said he will not make them. Tried hand bending some and it was a complete failure. Allen
  17. You checked with Mark at Mustang wire? Mustang Wire Products, Inc. - Home Page Allen
  18. This is how I do it as well with hollow beads and leader sleeves. I will not use a plastic bead for metal to rotate on as it just is a bad idea. Allen
  19. I understand the tire kickers and the guys that think a custom CNC mold should be the same price as a Do-it one. What gets me is I have bought 9 molds from him and cannot get a reply about buying some more of his base pins. Allen
  20. Munkin

    Hook ID

    I saw some in the Shorty's catalog they just sent me. Allen
  21. Munkin

    Hook ID

    You going catfishing? Allen
  22. Let me know if you figure it out? I tried several different ways and most are failures. Allen
  23. Looking for the wire like on this bait. Allen
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