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  1. Shouldn't this be listed as a hard bait? Allen
  2. Where can I find the list of rules for the contest? Allen
  3. Why not just use powder paint? The rocky Upper Potomac River is where my jigs get sacrificed and I can say without a doubt powder paint is the best option. Now I do airbrush swim jigs and spinnerbaits to look pretty but jigheads are brown, black, or green pumkin. Allen
  4. You want to use the teflon material that smalljaw recommended from Contenti for pins. As for hooks Mustad makes a light wire hook 32724 that is 30degrees that will work. If they don't make a hook small enough for you then you can hand bend some 60 degree hooks to 30 degrees to fit in the mold. Allen
  5. The only time I have had this happen is when trying to powder coat Owner heads. I suspect they have a lot of tin in them to remain shiny for long periods of time. LPO should be using spincast lead which is like 95% lead mixed with antimony but it still should not melt in an oven. Allen
  6. Can I get a list so I know who to bribe? Allen
  7. Guess I need to figure out how to do a collage? I haven't entered before, so I am going all in this year. Allen
  8. Heavier weight for the profile size is why I use them. Helps in clear water and river current keeping the bait from rolling. Allen
  9. Lot of 2 Pro Assassinator 1/2 oz Swim Jigs 12TE-GSF Gold Sun Fish | eBay Are these what you are looking for? Allen
  10. Did you make the weedguards yourself? Allen
  11. So the super stainless use to be silver and shiny like the OP mentioned. The wire manufacturer quit making it as I tried to buy some more of it. The new super stainless is brownish in color (Yes I know it doesn't make any sense) and it is what I have been using on my baits. Somewhere around here I still have some of the original frames. Allen
  12. What about Monty Python references? Allen
  13. So I have been on this site for over 16 years and I am listed as a rookie? Do I have to shank someone on the yard or chow hall to get my rep up or what? Allen
  14. Harbor Freight makes a magnet that is meant to hold tools by screwing it to the wall. Allen
  15. I have bent a lot of hooks when I can't find what I want. Best advice I can give is to not rebend the hook but bend it in a new spot. Allen
  16. This is the best way I have found. Allen
  17. I have been using Columbia Coatings for over a decade with great results. The last Protec I bought was rock hard in the jar. Allen
  18. JB weld to fill the part that you do not want lead in. Allen
  19. I see a lot them being sold on Ebay. Allen
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