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  1. Someone has the skillz? My painting ability on a scale of 1-10 is a -3 so I need a painter. Allen
  2. I guess I started some debate here? Skeeter, If I can figure out which lure would not dive right I will send it to you for analysis. I have 6 of the same size and color but I think it is the one with the cracked lip. Right now I am in the process of replacing that lip with one I bought from Jann's. When I get a chance I will test the other 5 to see if by chance it is one of them. I am learning a lot from this site now I just need to figure out how to adjust weight after the lure is finished? Allen
  3. Where can I get a jighead mold to pour these jigs in 3/16 or 1/4 oz. Or is there someone on here that sells these to other members? http://www.captainhookswarehouse.com/index.cfm?page=detail&hookid=516&sizeid=0 http://www.captainhookswarehouse.com/index.cfm?page=detail&hookid=515&view=1 Allen
  4. I have a clear Rogue that I would like to have painted in lucky craft ghost minnow color. Who should I contact to have this done? I have looked in the hard baits photo section and seen some works of art. To me a lot of those lures are just too good looking to fish with? Personally my best fish catching lure that I made was painted with two different auto primer rattle cans in about 15minutes while I was drinking? It looks like absolute s**t butt the fish seem to like it and their opinion matters! Allen
  5. Thanks for the reply I found them but I cannot remember what Stamina called them. Allen
  6. Munkin

    Why cedar?

    I started using it because Poe's uses it? Allen
  7. Skeeter, Thanks for your help if I did not say it already? I spent at least 20 hours reading your posts along with Tally and some others before I posted this. I do not know why this particular crankbait would not dive well? An identical one would hit bottom after a couple of cranks of the handle. To tell you the truth I have no idea of what a good deep diving crankbait does? Deep water fishing is where I need to develop skill in fishing. When I fish crankbaits in shallow(7'-) I try to bang them into everything in the Potomac river. Right now I own at least 75 deep diving crankbaits in the hopes that I can learn to fish them. I read where you posted about a balanced crankbait and I understand that but what other qualities or attributes am I looking for? Allen
  8. ALL THE WAY! HHC 2/75 RGR BN It is always good to meet someone else that was in BN! Right now I am a National Guard Lieutenant (Yes, yes I already know what you are going to say but some General talked me into becoming an officer). I look forward to learning from this sight and if there is anything you need let me know. Allen
  9. Should I use devcon on the plastic bodies I paint from Jann's? Right now I just rattle can spray some clear over them after painting. Allen
  10. Blades and Baits, I was wondering about your avatar are you or were you a batt boy? Allen
  11. While fishing yesterday I decided to do some testing on my Poe's just to see how they act. The first thing I noticed was that there was no way that lure will dive 10-18ft as stated on the package. Second, the way the lure would surface when stopped looked wrong to me. I am no crankbait expert but when I stopped the retrieve the crank would surface really fast, wobble side to side, and even spin completely around. The second lure dived deeper than the first and would surface slower but it still didn't look right. The combo I was using to test was a 7' St. Croix crankbait rod, 4.4-1 Quantum reel and 12lb mono line in case it matters. Allen
  12. The tube ones that separate the clevices so I can use multiple willow leaf blades. I am not even sure what they are called? I just like the ones on my war eagle spinnerbait. Allen
  13. I have lurked for some time until I decided to take the plunge but now I have some questions? First after I dip the sanded bodies into the virgin thinner brew (thanks for the tutorial) they are rough, can I sand them or will it ruin the finish? Second, I am using egg sinkers as belly weights and my question is after I epoxy them in how do I add or subtract weight? I was lucky on some of the baits but I have a slow sinker that I would like to fix. This site is great and I have spent probably 40+ hours reading the posts and tutorials. Thanks, Allen
  14. Jann's netcraft sells netting that seems to work well for me. I just use masking tape to tape down the netting when painting. Allen
  15. I was interested in making a jointed crankbait similar to a live pointer. At the toy store I noticed a wooden snake that had a piece of fabric down the center to give it flex. Right now I am still working on solid bodied crankbaits myself. The LC live pointer won the award in 2003 and is the worst jerk bait ever! but if you slow crank it thru current it is great. Allen
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