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  1. I'm looking for a few more crank,popper and stick bait lines and a few more soft plastics plus I need some fly's
  2. SS, We are in Brandenburg ,Just across the river from you.
  3. Hey All, Just thought I'd offer you a chance to get some of your items in a retail store. We recently purchased the local Pro Shop here and I want to offer a wide selection of handcrafted lures to the public.I just don't want my own brand in there.I also know how hard it is to get started in the business and get hands on exposier of our products. If you like you may PM me or give me a call at the store. Thanks Bill 270-422-2221
  4. The price of copper has sky rocketed.We started powder coating with a copper color powder.Also try powder coating the copper blades with the clear powder that should keep them looking good
  5. I beleive that it was called a chatter bait if I remember(gettin to old to remember)
  6. Yup got my notice also.We even had a weedguard on ours so there was the 10% change needed .But we pulled ours anyway we only started making them 3 months ago just to answer the calling.It reads to me that you can't even use the word chatter in a product used for fishing.What does everyone else think?We sold very few and didn't even want to make them so not sweat off our backs.
  7. We use the Caswell guns. They are a gravity feed which you use all the powder out of the cup unlike the suction style of Eastwood,Craftsman etc. If you are doing bulk I would suggest getting the adjustable voltage gun at Caswell ,They are $199.00 each and a better made one than the hobby gun.Plus the added power. Also buy at least 2 guns and several cups. The down time for color change will slow you with the 1 gun.
  8. Also keep in mind that when curing the powder coat you should go by part temp not oven temp for acurate curing
  9. Properly cured the powder coat is very durable.The Devcon as well .Keep in mind that the jigs are made of soft metal.I assume they are lead?That will dent and even the Devcon will wear do to the nature of the soft metal We've been using Powder Coating since the start of our business 7 years ago and with the quick cure time it speeds up production greatly and we've never had any complaints (so far,Knock on wood?)
  10. I had the same thought 6 years ago and started out thinking it as a hobby.Well the word gets out and boom!If you can make a living at something you love to do and have fun with DO IT! The feeling you get when you hear of a customer's success story is priceless. You'll also have to be able to handle being called the Lure GUY around town etc.Sometimes they may not know your name but they know that your the Lure Guy.The only problem I've found when I got started is getting calls or knocks at the door all hours of the night and very early mornings . So if you don't plan on moving the shop away from your home be prepared.
  11. We've been using them for 6 years now and our customers like the fact that it's an added noise maker.We get ours from Lakeland or Hagen's either one will do.
  12. No harm done.It holds up so much better.I've used it on Black nickel also with good results.But Bright Nickel is the best
  13. Jigger, You can use the Spike-It blade dip and use a nickel hook that fits your mold.For best results after dipping bake in the oven at 350 for 10mins and the coating will be stronger than the factory finish.
  14. Never had one break but due to time and cost we just toss them out .Plus hate to have one break on a customer and they loose the fish of a life time?
  15. I haven't found a problem with the talc either way.I use the gun now and haven't had any problems but with the UB mold having such small detail I found by heating them before shooting used less paint and did not cover the detail. I too tried smoking and even adding wax to the lead and found the talc to actually work. Hope it helps everyone here!
  16. Cad, You can spray vinyl but needs to be thinned.The talc does not effect the lead or paint.Lightly dust the mold about every three poors or so.You'll get the hang of it.
  17. I had problems on the spinner molds also.I learned to heat it up by laying it on top of my pots to get hot and I use duct tape on the mold to hold the thinner wires from slipping into the mold and I found that a light dusting of Talcum Powder in the mold helps it pour so much better. As far a powder coating . The UM detail can be saved but you need to place your Gun on the lowest setting and lightly dust it.But you need to heat the heads first before shooting so that it will take less paint to cover.
  18. Last time I spoke with ya ,you had ordered a gun.Have you had the chance to try it out?
  19. I see both sides of the coin here. As Blades and Baits stated I we all use different components and I can see the only way to setup something is on a total dollar amount discount not on a per item discount but I wouldn't think Lakeland,Wourth etc. would do that.
  20. We use the toaster ovens also for a small run and thats what I started with . If you want large qty. cut yourself some allthread the length that will fit in your standard kitchen stove.Place a piece of high temp silicone tubing 3/16" over the weed guards of your jigs and hang them on your allthread then insert in oven at 225 for around 10mins or so than pull out and dip into your fluid bed. then return the jigs to the oven and cure. The fluid bed is well worth it and you can crank out as many jigs as you want and quickly too.
  21. D>J> Thanks for the help. I noticed your using OSC also.Nice software
  22. The big thing with the wires is that the heat transfer through all the metal even when you just heat the head the wire and hook start getting hot also.
  23. used them and had a mold made . If you need a larger amount contact charonlures.com They have the molds
  24. I agree with Jim. I just was on the other side of the fence trying to defend my patent and I posted just one side of it. As Jim stated its best to have a fresh idea and run with it.I've been watching the sweet beaver hit the stores and go like hot cakes and now there are a few copy's already out but theyhave a lil bit of a change.
  25. Ben, your right about the electostatic .It's hard to work with and the paint goes everywhere. Trur about scraping paint off the shank but when it gets on the hook point you need to make sure you get it completely .but then again thats alot of scraping. As for the eyes I have a dremel monted to the paint bend and have a small drill bit in it and we they are cured and cool to touch I run the bit through it and its a clean cut and the paint doesn't breal off the eye
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