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  1. Dan, we haven’t seen any new YouTube videos for a while. Is everything OK?

  2. Excellent info from smalljaw, good to see this type of knowledge being shared been a long time follower of smalljaw  my being from SW MO OZARKS, lots of great fishing holes, smalljaw has helped my knowledge and confidence  grow concerning all aspects of tying jigs

  3. I use the 3% - 5% Antimonial lead from Rotometals. I heat that alloy to 800 degrees and don't have too many issues. Most harder alloys will pour as well as pure soft lead as long as you adjust the temperature you are using.
  4. The funny thing about your dilemma is that it is the first time I've heard that complaint. I understand the issue but it shouldn't be a problem. If you look around you'll be able to find some videos from pros talking about how they improve hook up percentage with EWG style hooks. I find when anglers have hooking problem with EWG hooks, most will take some pliers and ben the hook point out. Then they skin hook the plastic to make it weedless. If you look at that hook, they made it so when positioned in the mold the hook point is angled out. I believe they did that for an improved hook up ratio because most guys skin hook their plastics on a T-rigged setup.
  5. I use these ones on my under spins and they spin much better than a crane swivel. https://barlowstackle.com/Bulk-Roller-Swivels-Nickel-PlatedbrSizes-14-12-10-7-P3264/?afmc=oq
  6. The reason the hooks don't fit is the 604 the mold calls for has a shorter leg than the other hooks. Try a VMC 7249 or the Victory 10604, both of those should work.
  7. I don't want to argue with Bassjiggin1955 and I'm not trying to start a fight. You said the president of Z-Man told you as long as you aren't advertising or putting them in stores you are fine. Guess what a picture on a website with an explanation that you have a business and it is word of mouth, is? If you said "advertisement" ding ding ding ding, you are a winner!!! There is a very skilled lure maker on this site who posted pictures of baits made with a direct blade to hook eye attachment on this site as well as others, can you guess what happened? If anyone from Z-Man reads this entire thread I will bet dollars to donuts you get a PM about it. As I said I'm not arguing with you as what you stated is true. However what you posted is in direct violation of what you were told. Sure, it isn't a direct advertisement but it is implied and therefore you are guilty of doing exactly what you were told not to do, just saying.
  8. Coffee stirs from a convenience store.
  9. X3 on the razor blade.
  10. Gamakatsu makes the 3824 up to a 7/0 and it is heavier than the Mustad but still has the EWG.
  11. Yep, Victory 10604 or the VMC 7249. The Victory is a hair heavier while the VMC is the exact same size at least up to a 3/0.
  12. I only filed the post down, nothing else. I found something intriguing about that jig. If you go up a hook size it throws the balance of the jig out of whack. It will stand perfectly with a 3/0 hook in the 3/8oz. When I use a 4/0 it wants to fall backward rather than stand. So if you go with that hook, use the 4/0 in the 1/2oz and see what happens.
  13. I don't know the answer because Stardust isn't really paint. It is more like a plastic polymer that has a rubber-like texture. I mostly use regular powder paint but I'm currently using the Stardust for shaky heads and drop shot weights. I don't know how the clear will react but here is how I'd use it. I'd paint my jig head with regular powder and then I'd cure it. After it cooled down I'd heat and dip in the Stardust clear. You might be on to something, if that clear works over other paint. It may just make airbrush or regular powder paint chip proof, try it out and let us know!
  14. Anytime you alter a mold to accept a different hook or a larger hook you may have some issues. If you are running the LEE pot at number 7 bump it up to 8 and make sure the mold is hot. As the others already told you, pour some blanks without the hook. That will get the cavities nice a warm and then you should be good.
  15. The closest thing would be the Jig Armor green pumpkin orange camo. The orange is toned down a bit because of the green pumpkin but I'm not sure if it would work for you. The issue for you is there isn't really anything for that color. I do the same as you, pumpkin brown base coat and I add GP or watermelon over top. Here is a tip for any manufacturers looking on this site. Make a pumpkin color with green pumpkin or watermelon veining through it. I'd buy it and right quick!!!
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