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  1. Enforcer has a nice 3” worm. FTFW300 that’s great. I know it’s not a 4” but worth a look.
  2. Take a look at Angling AI they have great grubs, you won’t have a venting problem either, they make mold right.
  3. I know there are a wide variety of answers for this….what makes a good spinnerbait? second, do you prefer A traditional head or a hidden weight style and why with so many out there from big companies like Strike King to smaller one like Revenge or Ganns. What makes you pick one over another. when making your own, what are you looking for in component? Other that quality. Thanks, I’m just curious, I was looking at the Tackle Warehouse site and they have so many. This just popped up in my head. thanks
  4. Hey what are the benefits of a Hidden head spinnerbait over a traditional spinnerbait. I’ve always been curious thanks
  5. He makes great molds. Shouldn’t have any issues.
  6. Contact Do it. They have excellent customer service and will definitely get back to you.
  7. A stub out, that an excellent idea and I’ll be ordering a few myself.
  8. I have not used it but the best advice I got was using an asparagus steamer on a hot plate or griddle. You can get one at Walmart or Target for about $20 or so. I have one inch round aluminum rods that use to dip. As soon as I get a steamer.
  9. Take a look at Chris Jones You Tube channel Worlds Worst Fishing he has a video on how to pour it and at the end a swimming action video, he also helped design it as well.
  10. Try Lure craft under Grubs, they hand poured mold, they have something similar good luck
  11. That is a BTS mold, Bobs tackle shack, great mold btsmolds.com
  12. I'm following this thread, I can't seem to match it myself either
  13. Found this very recent video by FLW pro David Dudley, he takes an old Rattle bait and shows how he foils. This should be helpful fir guys that need a visual aid ( like me)
  14. Yes they do, Anglin AI is on word, and enforcer is based in Canada they both have there own web sites
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