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  1. BIU How do you tell what size eye to use in a plastic lure
  2. I use a hair dryer all the time i was just worried it was to cold thank you for the information
  3. What is a good temperature to paint blank lures my basement is 51 degrees is that to cold
  4. I use a gun type clamp that fits in my jig saw put the bottle in the clamp then slide the other end in jig saw
  5. harbor freight has a scale that's not that expensive.Thats what I use.
  6. I was thinking about buying a boggs tackle maker with the large head for musky baits. Any one have any coments, and is there any problems bending this size wire.
  7. Excellent video.What size round brass dowel do you use.Where do you get the round brass dowel.How much does it cost.
  8. Welcome Dave you will enjoy this site.

  9. Best site on the net for questions & answers.
  10. Got the powder,excellent Thank You
  11. Very good job,for first time,
  12. baitbucket

    Top Coat

    Can anyone tell me how to get in touch with the gentleman on the front of tackleunderground. Where the videos are displayed.Under the name of Charlie Top Coat.It says UPSTEAM T.U. 2010 Charlie topcoat.I tried but can't find antway to get in touch.
  13. I really like the idea of the hooks on top.Plus the bait being nose down on the bottom of the lake like a feeding fish.Good luck hope it works out well.Put me on the list to buy one when your done.
  14. I put a piece of masking tape over the point and eye of the hook.It doesn't seam to add to much weight to the hook .f
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