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  1. Pastor Shane was just a good customer...
  2. Glad to see the hand injectors are taking off....
  3. I have put scent into the salt and it worked out well. Dying the salt sounds like a good idea if you can get it to absorb evenly like Nova said...Jeff
  4. Just for the record Jerry, my post had nothing to do with not being appreciative of your hard work or what knowledge we gained from the site. It is good that you decided to put your plan of action into play instead of letting TU go down the drain. Hopefully you will still allow Non TU members to contribute and offer extended benefits to the paying TU members. I enjoy helping people out, posting tips and reading through others ideas. Yes, we have got some orders from TU people with our web address in our signature but we also had a tackle making section on our site with videos of how to atta
  5. B&H Photo Amazon Dell Calumet Photo All are very reputable places to buy stuff from.
  6. WOW! Kinda comes as a shock. People are still going to be able to troll the site but don't have to pay? I understand fees and time put into the site cost money but yikes, 7561 users times $4.99 a month! Moderators volunteer there time and sponsor pay the hosting and maint. fees I thought? I just can't see the benefit of paying money to help people that can't use the search function. With rise in gas, groceries, transportation, taxes, business expenses, etc... we just can't afford it. Well, I wish you good luck and hope this is not the shot to the foot for TU.
  7. I always order over the phone. By the time I hang up, I got a email with confirmation of the order and couple hours later another one saying it shipped with the tracking number. For all the good service they have given me, I will overlook any glitches they have....Jeff
  8. Put a glove on and hold the mold while pouring. Then you can tip the mold from side to side while pouring to even out your pour.
  9. Just don't use BB's. I tried this and they work well but, they fall to the tip and clog the opening . Suddenly one drop turns into a squirt... We take our color, remove the lid, and stick in the microwave for about 10 seconds then shack the heck out of it. All of my colors from different companies seperate, I think its just the nature of the beast...
  10. I would agree with cutting the post off the eye. If you want to try your luck with another glue, I have found that Hobby CA glue like this works great plus they have activators. It comes in thin, medium, and thick formulas will glue anything together and you can find it at any local hobby shop. Hobby guys use it for glueing tires to rims of there RC cars.
  11. We take our LC plastic and break it down into 1 gallon jugs also. The 5 gallon bucket we mix with a paint mixer for atleast 5 minutes or so. You will be able to feel if there is still hardner in the bottom. Shake the crap out of the 1 gallon jugs. We usually flip the bottle over to see if there is settling. Are your worms setting up or are they still stickey hours after they are poured? Usually a good sign plastic is not mixed enough. Post your recipe....
  12. Hi -I would like to buy the craw mold-is it still for sale?

  13. I just got a reply back from Daiwa indicating they have all the parts that Mike's Reel Repair backordered in stock except for some screws. I would think Daiwa would have screws in bins by the thousands! Anywho, I requested a partial refund and they responded within a hour saying they would. I'm Gonna try the other places mentioned by TU members or try getting setup as a Daiwa Parts Dealer. For anyone that might read this now or in the future, make your own decision. Just because I had a bad experience doesn't mean you will to. Thanks to everybody that helped out. Hopefully I will get that
  14. Only when I emailed them to ask whats going on. Its almost as if they forget about there customers. About 1 month ago they did ship 4 of the 15 or so parts ordered. However, this bad experience was enough for me to never order from them again. If anyone else is going to order from them, I would suggest they call and see if the parts are in stock. Remember too that after 45 days you can't file a claim with paypal. This is there response "I understand your frustration...believe me I do! I wish there was something more I could do for you, but I just don't have the parts in stock to send to you
  15. Still waiting for the parts.... If you guys can order from another place!
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