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  1. How long is it? How do you fish it?
  2. G-Dawg

    Seal Coat

    I need to know if there is a seal coat that is not Shiney to put on repainted lures?
  3. Thanks for all the replys. Jigman for one thing why would I use something that would not look good, and would not work right. Thanks for the input from all.
  4. What do you use to glue eyes on Jigs after powder paint cure?
  5. #1 on the Plumbers lead bought 7lbs for $1.00
  6. What type of glue works best to use on weed gaurds.
  7. G-Dawg


    I Need help how to paint a lure this color.
  8. G-Dawg

    Swim jig

    Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What colors do you make?
  9. G-Dawg

    School of Perch

    Those are sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What size are they?
  10. G-Dawg


    Thanks for the input I will try again.
  11. G-Dawg

    swim jig set 1

    Very nice Jigs where did you get the mold? Or can you sell them?
  12. G-Dawg


    Why does my jigs still feel stiky days after devcon is applied
  13. Would like to make a custom swim jig mold any ideas how would be help full Thanks
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