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  1. Can anyone point me in the direction of where to buy this hook? I’ve heard Facebook but I’m not on FB so looking for the source? Or a link to the FB page? Thanks
  2. I have a few molds that I modded that have similar issues. What I do, is heat the lead as hot as you can so it flows better. I try to put the Lee spout as close to the pour hole as I can and angle it so the lead pours straight down into the mold. Lastly, open the spout full so the lead flows as fast as it can. You may over pour a few until you get your timing down but unless you’re doing large numbers doesn’t matter. Hope that helps your problem.
  3. Anyone know a source for just the hook, no keeper? Clearly they make the hook but I can’t find anywhere not pre made with keeper for a pretty penny. For that matter doesn’t seem like anyone sells flipping hook no keeper? I know both owner and Gami make straight shank but I’m unsure if the hook gap and wire gauge is the same? Thanks Rob
  4. Tape it exactly where you want it, close tightly And hit it with a hammer on both sides. I’ve done it many times for hooks. yes you can use JB WELD to close/repair areas. Done this too and it’s lasted years
  5. These are some swim jigs I made. The top one is the poison tail....
  6. You can find the information you’re looking for by doing a search. Lots of threads out there about molds, modifying, opening hooks or using figure 8 links. The poison tail has what you are looking for if you want to modify. The aluminum molds can literally be modified with a hammer, I modify mine by starting with a hammer and refining with dremel. You can’t buy the coffin style from any tackle or component supplier, you might want to try an auction site..... The other route is the D and M swim jig, you can open the eye and attach a blade very easily, comes out looking a lot like their old piranha bladed jig. .
  7. I just put them in a vise, clamp tight and bend with my thumb as far towards the vise as I can. Bends nicely and crisply. I don’t put a big bend generally so works well.
  8. Heat them with a torch but away from the blue flame slowly they will turn bluish/blk
  9. Thoughts on why the sparkie head is better Jeff? They seem pretty similar. Thanks
  10. Any thoughts on whether the thickness of the blade makes a difference? I have a few of the old Phoenix baits, and a few coffin blades from Barlow’s when they used to sell them. It’s noticable in terms of how thick the Barlow’s ones are compared to the old Phoenix blades. Got me wondering if that would make a difference? Could see a lighter blade vibrating faster??? Vs maybe flexing under load/retrieve? Any thoughts? Or overthinking it?
  11. Couple of questions. Of the blades available now, what's the difference in action between the shakee with or without holes? When does the Z man patent expire? Anyone know? and thirdly, anyone got any old stock coffin style blades they want to sell? If so email me rfdong@sbcglobal.net thanks Rob
  12. I use the ones from Jann's seem a bit sturdier to me. But others use the Barlow ones without problems. I use size 2 and have caught fish to 9.5lbs on them.
  13. I use the Jann's fig 8's as the ones from Barlow did seem like a lighter wire. Not saying they don't work but the Jann's seemed stouter and have held up well on some big fish. Just my .02
  14. Anyone use these in Do-it flat eye football mold? Will it fit or fit with min modification? Thanks
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