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  1. I was looking in to making some chatterbaits but I am not sure about the jig head,and how to attach the blade to the jig head. Can anybody help get on the right rack to building these.
  2. What mold is that and what size hook?
  3. Ok, guys I need soom wisdom from the people that have done it. I am trying to make a wacky jig head using a round do-it mold 1/16 and 1/8 (plus I want a 1/0 hook in it )round jig head mold. But I want a weed guard in it. I have the hole pins for my flipping jigs and a dremal tool, and I was think that I could just cut a slot in this mold to fit my hole pins. Does this sound like it will work or should I buy a weed less and fill in th collar with jb weld Anybody have any ideas on what will be easier? Any Ideas would help guys thanks.
  4. Has anybody tried to put mylar tape in plastic. I am looking for a hi-temp mylar tape or a high temp clear tape to cover the mylar.
  5. I use finger nail polish if you are using the white waspi foam bodys. You can find some good colors and I don't even use a sealer it holds up pretty good. Last time I went to walmart I found finger nail polish for under a buck. You do get some werid looks form people tho.
  6. WOW what kinda brush are you using I am going to try to do something like this ?
  7. I have one and the hagens bender it is decent quality about the same as hagens. I am still messing around with it I am kinda new to the wire thing. Are there any questions that I could try to answer...remember I am still a rookie. PM me if needed
  8. What the manufactor and the number of the frog hook?
  9. I am wanting to get a garlic scent that is cooked in to the lure and then maybe add some more to the package baits. Can somebody give me a supplier and are the cooked in scents any better than just adding the scent to th package baits?
  10. The brass nipple is right up agaisnt the element slop. I also cut the nipple down along with the barbed fitting to reduce the heat loss. and covered it with muffler tape also. I am using calhouns 2901 hard/saltwater plastic, with a dial setting at 400 degrees and I cannot get a flow like I can with the freshwater calhouns or the medium plastic. The calhoun medium pours great at love the pot. but this is begining to bug me. I will try to get a picture tonight.
  11. I'm using a 3/8 brass nipple to a 3/8 ball valve to a 3/8 to 1/4 barb fitting. Yes it is a smaller pot I have also used some muffler tape around the pot and the valve. To try to insulate it and protect my hands.
  12. How many production pourers use a micowave, and how many use a presto pot. I am trying to use a presto pot with hard plastic and it seems to be pouring slow and not filling out the molds. The microwave just seems to produce more quality baits for the customers.
  13. Try bears baits they are going to start to carry eyes and they have the best customer service.
  14. Ok guys once again TU to the rescue, My question is that I am going to start airbrushing some soft plastics, and I was wondering which brush to get and which compressor. As you can tell I know nothing about doing this and would like some advice on buying everything. I was looking at a Paasche D500 Air Compressor and a Paasche Double Action Airbrush Set from Cabelas. I know there are other places but I have a AMEX gift card. Will these work or are there better models? The other question is I know I am going to need a paint booth so any picture of them will help and details, and I all most forgot which paints and from where. Thanks again for all your help.
  15. which one is that? I need to do the spreader/harness with .035 wire a least
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