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  1. So tried my hand at making a silicone mold of a 5" swimbait. Used some mold making silicone i got from amazon. The mold on the outside cured fine but where the baits were at it was still all in a gel type stage and did not get hard like the rest of the mold. So that was a fail. Do you all have luck with the amazon,Michaels type mold making kits? I know I have seen some mold making kits through Lureworks for like $40. This is my first time with this stuff so im still trying to learn.
  2. I have been watching a ton of You Tube vids of soft plastic making. I have read through quite a few of the threads here about some of the Do's and Don'ts One thing i was cuouris about is what are the huge differences in the tools such as injectors, blending blocks etc. I know there are the top of the line type equiptment but for the average joe like myself are some of the cheaper ones fine to get started with? Which would some of you all suggest as far as single injectors, Dual injectors triples and the blending blocks etc.
  3. There are hundreds of spinner bait blades in this lot from size 2.5-5 in gold and nickel willow leaf and Colorado. There are also around 80 #2 swivels and 80 or so beads in gold and nickel each I don't have a use for them any more so need to just sell them
  4. sorry guys. my spell check thing on my phone is kind of a pain I'm talking about the wire forms. for spinnerbaits
  5. sorry meant .040 wore forms not .045
  6. so been dabbling with building spinnerbaits. mainly use 1/2oz baits myself and have .035 wife forms. last time out caught some fish on one of my spinnerbaits and the wore form was bent up pretty good and was not a large fish by any means maybe 15". so do you all use heavier wire like .045 for your baits? just thought the .035 would be fine but now I'm wondering anyone got any ideas or tips for me?
  7. so where are you guys getting a decent powder paint gun?
  8. what I had thought of with a fluid bed was to cut slots on each side so the hook and wore form would slide into them and just dip the head only
  9. so how do you guys paint your spinnerbait heads? I am having a hard time figuring out a way to keep the pain off the wire form and the hook shank and just paint the head only. planning on building a fluid bed here in the very near future but right now don't have one just have the 2oz jars. anyone give me some ideas or pics would be a huge help
  10. I guess I haven't messed with it enough because I cannot get a consistent loop on the swivel end of my spinnerbait forms. I wasn't really wanting just a twisted loop like it does. was wanting more of just a closed loop and can not get it figured out at all
  11. so what former do you guys use for forming the ends on your spinnerbaits I bought a twistech and so far with using it some tonight I don't like it. wanting something to make a good loop end for the swivel on the top so what do you guys use
  12. what glue are you all using to glue your weed guards in your jig heads
  13. always fought with getting the powder paint out of the weed guard hole. and saw some talk of putting in Teflon bass pins in the hole while painting or backing the paint but haven't been able to find the Teflon pins. where are you all getting them
  14. who makes a good complete soft bait starter kit for a newbie been doing jigs and so on for a while and would like to try soft baits
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