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  1. As Aulrich points out, tow eye location is very important, and should be a part of your experimentation. Dave
  2. In my early days, I looked hard for a formula for lip length and width, it was the engineer in me. But alas, I failed. A sharp edge on the front face gives a stronger action, not so sure it is enough for you to notice. The thing is that every feature affects lip length; length and width of back, position and angle of lip, position of COG, and any other feature that I fail to mention. I make the lip a tad too big and trim it back until I get what I am looking for. Dave
  3. I don't understand their strategy as all it does is annoy people. No one is going to visit their site.
  4. Soda - I believe the problem here is that some people are quoting you numbers by volume rather than weight. The highest percentage MBs I managed was 30% by weight, and I achieved this by injecting the mix using an icing syringe (as in cake making). The consistency was that of English mustard and definitely not pourable. For normal pouring, 12% by weight sounds about right for a maximum. Dave
  5. Lots of PM discussions. Really nice guy, knowledgeable too. RIP Dave
  6. Perhaps a through bolt and a wing nut to increase the clamping force. Dave
  7. I found the Uncle Jim's video. It shouldn't be difficult to knock up a similar jig. The problem is coming up with something to use at the waters edge. Something that attaches to your thigh, maybe velcro. I am probably over thinking the problem as usual Dave
  8. I think this is a case were a photograph is justified. A picture will provide a lot of information. To make a judgement give length and weight of lure. How does it float. What body material, weight and position of ballast weight. You should not be wasting time and effort painting a new lure until you have proven the design works. Dave
  9. Very sorry to hear this news Kurt. I wish you well Dave
  10. Good read. I am very close with the 'violent action' lure. It was something I stumbled across by accident back in 2006 but I was never able to reproduce it. Now I have figured out the fluid dynamics of what I witnessed all those years ago, i Just need a 3D printer to test the hypothesis. Along with the violent erratic action, with a minor tweak or two, a very exaggerated hunting action should be possible. I need to make more of an effort to get the printer and start testing. Dave
  11. I was hoping you would use weight, using volume, as some people do, is meaningless. This has been a good subject, I have followed with great interest. But, you should have started a new thread for it. Do NOT do it now, way too late, just a note for next time. Dave
  12. My plan would be an external turner, operating 24/7. After the initial manual mixing, the plastisol would always be available. I haven't figured it out yet. I am thinking about the Falkirk Wheel boat lift as my inspiration. I know, jugs of plastic are a lot heavier than lures on a turner, but I am thinking the same motor power for the drive. You can have a laugh now Dave
  13. My suggestion would be to design in 'bolt on' backing plates with recessed bolt heads. This will help keep the shape of the mold halves, and simplify assembly with permanently fixed backing plates. Make the printed halves identical, so you can print extra halves if problems arise. I have to make more of an effort to source a 3D printer here in Indonesia. I have been lazy. I will be printing hard-baits rather than molding. This gives me the opportunity to improve the shape beyond 'mold-able', and with the added benefit of making my printed lures difficult to copy. Dave
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