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  1. Consider plaster of paris for the mold. POP has a superior finish. Dave
  2. Vodkaman


    Alsworms - sorry if I gave the wrong impression. I did try to word my post so that I was NOT attacking the moderators but merely acknowledging the problem and to offer my services. If you really feel that this post will make the situation worse, then just remove it. No problem here. Dave
  3. Vodkaman


    It seems that TU is having a severe spam problem. Obviously all coming from the same person and possibly the same IP address. If you need a volunteer to help deal with the work load problem then I am at your service. Dave
  4. I hope you do stick around, I look forward to reading new ideas. Basically, the gallery is for showing off your work with photos. The forums are for questions and instruction. Photos only permitted if they contribute to the subject under discussion. Dave
  5. Vodkaman


    The method is; upload to YouTube, then post the link here. Dave
  6. Vodkaman


    You should make a video of the hot glue technique. Lure looks great. Dave
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    2. Vodkaman


      The people who work of stuff like Navier Stokes and other such problems live in a dangerous and chaotic world of seclusion and insanity.

      They are trying to write an equation that will show what happens when you drop a brick in a pond. BUT, the equations cannot be proven because the brick lands in the water infinitesimally different each time. They are trying to bring order to chaos. We should drop to our knees in their presence.

      Fortunately for us mere lure designing mortals, we are only concerned in what happens in the first second after the rock hits the water, this is actually very predictable, especially as we simplify the rock to a flat plate.

      I warn you to be careful, you can hurt yourself reading this shit :)

    3. mark poulson

      mark poulson

      Hahaha!!!  I read it for entertainment only.  It is fun to be able read a foreign language without actually comprehending it. 

    4. Vodkaman
  7. I have never heard of 'pipes' as a construction technique. Probably labeled different in the software that I use, CATIA V5. Dave
  8. That's better. Good luck Dave
  9. Every year I get majorly irritated by the contestants that don't read the simple rules. So, this year I decided NOT to read the rules to remind me of the infringements. The ploy has not worked, I am Pd off as much as I ever was. I have entered photography contests many times. The first thing I do is read through the rules at least three times to be sure of the requirements. What is wrong with these people! Dave
  10. Don't throw out your failed silicone molds. Shread them or cut into small pieces and add to the mix for your next mold. This will save volume of fresh silicone. I believe the silicone sealer (vinegar type) will also serve the purpose for regular silicone, but perhaps someone could confirm. Dave
  11. POP warning - do NOT pour any white milky remains down the kitchen sink. It WILL settle and harden. Dave
  12. POP can be both, but in out application it is a mold making material. POP for casting resin is risky. If you die-lock your master, you will need a hammer to retrieve it. Dave
  13. Plaster of Paris (POP) is certainly the cheapest method of casting, and the experience carries over to other materials later. Quality is very good too. But beware! If you are pouring a hard cast like resin then you run the risk of trapping your cast in the mold. This is called 'die locking'. You must be able to lift out the cast perpendicular to the split face of the mold. Dave
  14. The bucket method is your only option unless you use CAD. You can calculate how much weight but not where to put it. Dave
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