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  1. I don’t understand
  2. Just saw that …… thanks. Don’t know why it came up as a new post.
  3. Soooooo ……… you want to get paid to help students cheat …….. NO NICE
  4. I would not use a microwave for cooking food after I cooked plastisol in it. Microwaves are not that expensive and I wouldn’t take a chance. Besides, it may make your food taste funny or worse.
  5. Thanks ...... just placed an order
  6. Thanks for the info ....... just placed an order
  7. Rest In Peace brother ......... I have a bunch of Bears molds and pots and I love them. Bear was always helpful and friendly. He is missed.
  8. I’ve not done that. I’m not sure how or if it would hold up. First, the paint would have to be heated to over 300 degrees for the powder paint to melt and cover. If that did hold up, you would be binding powder paint to an overheated paint so it may not hold up. I don’t know how a regular liquid colorant would be applied to a hard surface without mixing it with a paint substrate. Liquid colorant is supposed to be mixed with another medium like paint or plastisol
  9. After they are made and fully cooled (several days), place them into boiling water for a few seconds ....... maybe 10 seconds. A friend of mine does this with his lures that are store bought and swears it works to make them softer and sturdier
  10. Nightmares are dreams too ........ just make sure yours are not
  11. I thought I saw a discount code for TU members at Lurepartsonline awhile ago. Is there one and what is it?
  12. rhahn427

    Azek Deck Boards

    Still no response ........ this needs to be taken down
  13. rhahn427

    Azek Deck Boards

    I pm’d you but no response This seems to be a scam. I have posted here and pm’d a couple of times with no response
  14. rhahn427

    Azek Deck Boards

    I pm’d you but no response
  15. I’ll take a package


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