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  1. bassman843

    jig hooks

    100 spinner bait hooks $10 shipped 100 3/0 extra wide gap hooks $10 shipped
  2. still want the chunk mold will pay extra to cover paypal fees
  3. can anyone give a place to get good black nickle treble hooks in bulk I got some from capn warehouse now they don't have any more I emailed them about it and they are discontinuing a lot of that stuff any help would be appreciated
  4. no it won't. I bought 2 pots from a guy that claimed they were for plastic when I got them they were lead he tried to put digital controllers on them he never got them to work so he burned alot of plastic trying
  5. cobra if you don't want that bottle of green pumkin let me know
  6. yea I already new that and kept up with the subject I was wanting to know that after the new green pumkin has been around how people are using it to match up with the old color I saw some things tried on the old post just wanted to see some updated color matching
  7. has anyone noticed a big differance using this new color compared to the old it looks more green compared to the old that looked more brown
  8. I have 2 lee pots that use done some modifications to then to do what I like the temp controllers are junk I turn them all the way up and plug them into a switch that I wired with a dimmer switch works much better I thought about just bypassing the control on the lee pot all together to get a consistancy between pots I want to make a presto pot I had an old french fryer that I made into a pourer but that thing get way to hot had a bunch of bad pours that I used to try it out and it wasn't good burned up pretty quick
  9. great price excellant quality thanks
  10. I have a custom rod that has a weight in the handle and the weight moves around when I cast it.it didn't do this when I bought it but does it now.is there any way to fix it or do I have to learn to live it with it.thanks
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