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  1. there was a recipe for aa good sanding sealer that was made out of epoxy and denaturate alcohol i don't remember the ratio for the mix i think it was 30 % of alcohol but im not sure does anyone know ?
  2. square is more used ,i guess it hold better in the hole once it is loaded of epoxy. ty
  3. jig . im just trying to use what the other have previously adopted. uer option could be ok but maybe it does less noise than the brass one...... i'll take a look to make my own test maybe
  4. thanks a lot for the contact,ive tried to look for som,e info about chinese hook witohut name but it is hard to get honest review about them. all my lures of around 8 inch got st36bn 3/0 noting is sharper . and the gauge size is perfect same for the barb just large enough for an easy hookset without destroying their jaws
  5. ive never seen one with lexan .great idea,i guess it does less noise,i guess stainless could sometimes scare the fish when they are really shallow and not aggressive .is it st36 or gama ? what'S wrong with the white one ? my plan was to make one even more phat than that one ....... nice guys
  6. was sure it was the same thing . my english is far to be perfect so........ tks for the tips ! fell free to let me see that big bird.august is the best for top imo
  7. not expensive at all . a big 2.24/f https://www.mcmaster.com/hollow-bars/ultra-formable-260-brass-hex-tubes/inside-width~0-066/ for some reason every time im looking for ''lures part'' it ends at that place
  8. it look like you got it hehe. copper worth a lot these days but i hope it is not gonna cost that much .maybe it cost a lot it would explain why some crazy crook are selling these globe for 80 dollars each lol . ty so much
  9. damn.that's the kind of thing that could transform an atheist to a jesus believer. how long the guy will stay in jail? ive not look for electronic shop but i will. i should add that the straw is not flexible at all. i hope you will continue to fish if it is something you still like . guys are doing their top water that way since at least 20 plus years and it look ok. hope you feel like like an hold new guy take care
  10. im looking for a place to get these little copper pipe that are usually round inside with a square shape outside. it should fit a 0.062 stainless steel wire. ive asked to car part shop ,scrap ward and ive got no result . so please let me know if you know the real purpose of these or where i can buy some of these .ty
  11. ddl

    cedar cranks18.jpg

    super ,onion bag do the best scales
  12. ddl

    cedar cranks10.jpg

    eyes killer for sure
  13. good ,almost like a a flat fish (or kwick fish) a i guess
  14. fish loves to live near things that cost lures lol.does it moves well?
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