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  1. The good old days still come back and snoop and give my 2 cents every couple months. Arthritis has taken this hobby away from me. Still tinker one in a while. Glad this site is still around all these years. Site looks nice and clean!
  2. Digin threw old stuff. looking at this and seeing franks mold i bet you could use light wire starting at the end of the run. Small hole drilled in the mold and the wire bent and inserted to the hole to keep it in place. The wire running threw the sprew track and brush a dot of black on the wire in the center of each egg mold the length of the run. Pull the wire after you shoot the mold leaving the dot centered in every eye. looks like it would take 8 wires.
  3. Im a sledge hammer and hatchet kind a guy. About 7 blows to get threw a 5 lb round ingot. Sharp hatchet and polished smooth. Like the vise brake I could think of a fair amount of things i could use that for.
  4. kelly


    Its never fun to see a great person go. Bojon you left a big mark in this world and all of us will remember!
  5. Happy you found them some times if you want quality it costs a little more. But have to say I would be bent if I lost a fish of a lifetime time over a 38 cent ring on a $15 dollar rig. Your doing the right thing!
  6. That is a good point on the butt rings all you would have to do is flux and dip in melted lead. A lot of work but I guess if it saves you enough money. You might be able to toss in 100 then fish them out with a screen and dump them in a pan and spread them quickly what got stuck together give them a second hot bath.
  7. kelly

    Flash Mob

    If nothing else a bend in the wire with a bead on top of it would work. _l I Like this with a bead on the side the blade spins on.
  8. To me it looks like there is a drop of blue highlight, glow red plastic driped in the mold then a red line painted in the mold and on top of the drip. Then the two molds are put together and injected the rest of the mold with blue highlight and glow red plastic. The the eyes are put on and the last step would be diping only the head in clear plastic to keep the eyes on. You can see the sholder on the tail from the clear dip. Weather the tail or the drop was done first is hard for me to say. I just went with the drop idea becase the red isn't flat in the head
  9. Sorry had infomercial writen all over it. If you buy now we will charge your credit card three easy payment of $39.95.........but still learned a thing or two. I think I can make a few extra baits for the cost of that tape.
  10. Just thinking out loud but I wonder if the powder it would cookup in plastic. cant see temperature tolerance on there site.
  11. You know I have a friend that says the uglier they are the better they are they will never leave you. Lol.....
  12. kelly

    Tuning Tank?

    Ok bummer but around hear the make water troughs big enough for a 6 person redneck hot tub. Deap also. Just think you could test and dip at the same time. Good luck on your search!
  13. Not a bad idea I like the way you think like a mad scientist with just the right amount of common sense.
  14. kelly

    Tuning Tank?

    Pete I added your little trolling motor in there. Of course like vman said the center divider would be addjustable. It wouldn't take much a couple suction cups or a heavy sand bag on the center side. Tank l.pdf Tank l.pdf Tank l.pdf Tank l.pdf Tank l.pdf Tank l.pdf Tank l.pdf Tank l.pdf Tank l.pdf
  15. kelly

    Tuning Tank?

    Thinking about it I bet a water trough for livestock would work good. Has two straight aways and rounded edges to keep the water momentum moving. I would think if you want to keep it small you would want to use anything that is round so it would not take much to push it and keep it flowing. I would just add two straight boards or clear lexan on the edge to straighten the water flow for your test.
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