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  1. Salt will make baits more opaque. The finer the salt, the more it reduces translucence.
  2. You'll probably get more and better replies if you post this in the Wire Baits Forum.
  3. So that's the reason my kids say I can't cook! Hahaha
  4. If he only did a little, it should be no problem, but don't let him keep doing it. Wipe down the inside with dish washing soap and water, then rinse it really well and wipe it dry. Let it sit to dry with the door open. He needs to be out of the house when he makes plastisol baits, and use a dedicated microwave with good ventilation and a respirator with a solvent-filter, like painters use. 3M makes them, and they are a good investment in your child's health. Here's what I use: https://www.homedepot.com/p/3M-Medium-Paint-Project-Respirator-Mask-6211PA1-A/100653900
  5. Nathan, I fear his mother too much to ever do that. Hahaha He and his dad are going out on the boat with me this October for the first time, after his baby brother is born. I'm pretty sure he'll be thrilled. It will be interesting to see how he reacts to seeing live fish, and, hopefully, catching one. If things are slow, I can always fill the livewell and let him play with his cranks in it. Being a grandpa is such hard work! Hahaha
  6. I find doing a float test with the commercial bait I want to imitate helps me figure out ballast size and placement. I make my knockoff, add the split rings and trebles, and then put it side by side with the original in my bucket of water, and adjust the ballast weight and location until my bait sits like the original. For me, it gives me a good starting point, and I can vary things from there, one at a time, to get my bait to work differently if I want to.
  7. I took the hooks off of some of my old cranks and gave them to my two year old grandson for bathtub toys. He says he likes them because they look like fish, even the craws. Hahaha
  8. I use a piece of panty hose under the bottle cap to strain out junk.
  9. I would contact a rod repair person near you and ask them.
  10. I would do a test first. Sometimes soft plastics melt hard plastic.
  11. Do you mean you transferred it back and forth between containers, to mix it? When I used to paint we called that boxing the paint, by using 5 gallon buckets to mix several individual gallons of paint to make sure they were all the same color.
  12. Does it flow and self-level right out of the bottle?
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