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  1. I use the MUSTAD 32786 NP-BN JIG HOOK and the hook points don't roll, even when I snag a tulle.
  2. Ace Hardware sells .065" dia. residential grade trimmer line that I use for weed guards. It is basically a heavy fluoro carbon line that comes in a 5" spool, so it comes off the spool already curved, and can be installed as close to the hook point as I like.
  3. If you add the weed guard after you pour, you can remove a few strands from it so it's thinner, and then lay it back closer to the hook point when you glue it in.
  4. I buy my air brushes and parts here: https://www.coastairbrush.com/categories.asp?cat=234 I've found their prices fair, and their service good.
  5. I do not pour lead, so I don't know what hooks will fit that mold. I have fished them, poured by a friend, and the ones he poured had round bend hooks. I don't know who made his mold. The Barlow's site has a picture of the finished jig with a weed guard, and the opened jig mold. To my eye, it looks like a round bend hook will work. It also has a chart of which hooks will fit it. Plus they have other 30 degree jig hooks that should work, too. Take a look and decide for yourself.
  6. When it's back in stock, or try Zeiners. https://barlowstackle.com/do-it-poison-tail-weedless-jig-mold-starter-kit/ https://www.zeiners.com/doit/do-it_poison_tail_jig_mold.html
  7. Ted, 

    I agree that it would be a neat idea, but, like you said. reel manufs. would have to keep a huge inventory of paints, and solvent-based paints don't have a great shelf life.  Plus, one of the cheaper "tricks" they use to sell "new and improved" models is changing their reel colors, so I doubt they'll be willing to do it.

    Another thing is how hard those paints are to apply nicely.  I've used both auto and appliance touch up paints in the past, and I've never gotten good results.  They always came out lumpy when I used enough to cover a nick or scratch.

    Sharpies are easy to use, apply a thin coat, and dry almost immediately, so they're much more convenient for me.


  8. If you mix in some yellow carpenter's glue after the plaster's been mixed, it will make the plaster stronger, and it will help details hold up better.
  9. It looks like a transparent (very little) white with some small silver flake.
  10. I would test them before I went to the trouble of painting them, in case they don't work or have problems.
  11. I always have box fan on low blowing past me toward an open door when I use superglue, which I do all the time. Super glue fumes are hard on the sinuses and nasal passages. I learned that the hard way, when my nose wouldn't stop running for two days.
  12. Rattle can primer, hand paint lures with water-borne paints, top coat with clear nail polish
  13. The cement sealer I used a few years back reacted with soft plastics, and got soft if I left it on wet boat carpet overnight. Once it dried out it was hard again.
  14. I do this, and never have a problem. There's something in the Rustoleum Self Etching Primer that, as it says, etches the surface so my Createx paints bind really well.
  15. I'm pretty sure they would work, but they are larger than diagonal cutters, so they may be more awkward/clunky to use. Google tile nippers, and you'll see lots of choices.
  16. Just a dumb question from someone who fishes jig a lot, but doesn't pour them. With all the great hooks already on the market, is that Zo hook enough better to bother altering a jig mold to make it work?
  17. In the past I made a series of weedless hard frogs using small disc magnets. I painted them with Createx water based paints, and top coated them with Solarez UV resin. I found I had to top coat them to keep them from rusting. I got the magnets here: https://www.apexmagnets.com/?utm_source=remarkety&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=October_Promo_1_2022&utm_content=&_rmId=2nv693l2wgfYoe225DPVInron1r1P3cBxGKENDKG
  18. You can grind the face of diagonal cutters flush to the jaw edge, so they are flush cutters.
  19. Al, I'm just guessing, based on how holes in chatterbait blades let me fish them faster without having them rise up. It makes sense to me, anyway. Less surface equals less resistance.
  20. Cooch used to use a hole punch to put holes in his jig trailers, back in the day. He said it made a difference. I think it might speed the rate of fall.
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    Very nice.
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    Nice! How do you attach the fur?
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