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  1. Ted, 

    I agree that it would be a neat idea, but, like you said. reel manufs. would have to keep a huge inventory of paints, and solvent-based paints don't have a great shelf life.  Plus, one of the cheaper "tricks" they use to sell "new and improved" models is changing their reel colors, so I doubt they'll be willing to do it.

    Another thing is how hard those paints are to apply nicely.  I've used both auto and appliance touch up paints in the past, and I've never gotten good results.  They always came out lumpy when I used enough to cover a nick or scratch.

    Sharpies are easy to use, apply a thin coat, and dry almost immediately, so they're much more convenient for me.


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    2. Vodkaman


      The people who work of stuff like Navier Stokes and other such problems live in a dangerous and chaotic world of seclusion and insanity.

      They are trying to write an equation that will show what happens when you drop a brick in a pond. BUT, the equations cannot be proven because the brick lands in the water infinitesimally different each time. They are trying to bring order to chaos. We should drop to our knees in their presence.

      Fortunately for us mere lure designing mortals, we are only concerned in what happens in the first second after the rock hits the water, this is actually very predictable, especially as we simplify the rock to a flat plate.

      I warn you to be careful, you can hurt yourself reading this shit :)

    3. mark poulson

      mark poulson

      Hahaha!!!  I read it for entertainment only.  It is fun to be able read a foreign language without actually comprehending it. 

    4. Vodkaman
  2. Leonard, forgive me for asking again, but I can't find where I wrote it down last time. Damn CRS! 

    Who is selling your plastisol now?

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Baitjunkys


      Fringe Tackle is the only one I know of.  Baitplastics  sells a clone of it.

    2. mark poulson

      mark poulson


      Does the plastic have to be degassed if I heat it in a microwave?



  3. If you are part of the Rippinlips crew on the Delta, I live on Sandmound, and would be happy to show you how to make a plaster of paris mold.

  4. Rich,

    Email me at mpoulson47@sbcglobal.com, and I'll give you the rest of my post.

    It won't fit here.

    That's probably a hint that I'm long winded. Hahaha


  5. Rich,

    I have some EM9300 you're welcome to try.

    I don't know exactly where you live, but I live near the airport, LAX. I fish Piru, Pyramid, and Castaic all the time, and I can meet you somewhere up there.

    Otherwise, google Target Coatings, and look at their EM9300 urethane. There's a contact phone number on the site, and their tech people are very helpful.


  6. I've been using another urethane. I got the name from another poster on the forum, who said, "I don't want to post it because I don't want to open a can of worms, like which one is best, etc."

    I feel the same way. Too many people get way too defensive about which system they use, instead of focusing on what works. Kind of like the great Daiwa/Shimano debates, or which rod is best.

    The stuff I use is easy to use, and I store it in a salsa jar, with no worries about drying out. I've heard that DN is very oxygen sensitive. The stuff I'm using isn't. It's a dream.

    So far, it needs 72 hours to cure enough that I'm comfortable fishing a lure. I used it on my last glide baits and both the jointed bluegills I posted in the gallery.

    I dip three times, two hours apart, and the finish seems to be about as thick as a coat of Etex. the more coats/dips, the longer it takes to get hard.

    It is soft enough when cured that hook points can stick it slightly, just like epoxy, but it holds up fine, so far, on the joints when swimming.

    I'm about to make some more trout swimbaits, and I plan to give it a try on them.

    Let me know how the DN holds up on your lures.

  7. I love the bluegill paint scheme in your avatar. With you permission, I'd like to copy it, or, at least, use it as a guide when I paint my next bluegill. I went to the picture in the gallery, but when I click on it, the picture doesn't load up.

    Did you take it off, or am I just having trouble?

    I'd love it if you could send me a copy of the picture.

    Thanks in advance,


  8. Gator,

    Those are really nice prop baits.

    If you don't mine me asking, what kind of wire do you use, and where do you get your hardware?


  9. John,

    That's really generous of you, but I may not be as out of luck as I thought.

    CalBassin helped me find a lumber yard near me that carries PVC decking.

    I'm going to go by today and check it out.

    I'll let you know what I find, and, if they have the right stuff, will probably pester you again once I've started carving.

    I'm sure there's a learning curve with this material, too.

    That's part of the fun of trying something different, but I don't want to spend my life figuring out all the little secrets by myself. I'd rather be carving, or fishing.

  10. Snax,

    I'm sorry for your loss. Diabetes is a cruel task master.

    I'm glad you were able to turn such a terrible negative into a positive, and follow you dream.

    Good luck.


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