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    Deranged Duckling

    That's a really clever idea. Please let us know when you get bit.
  2. I use the High Performance HP-C Plus It's an older model.
  3. I've used Iwata for 20+ years. They work, and they're easy to use and to clean.
  4. They look good. How do they swim? Do they have a rattle?
  5. Do you have to wear gloves when you handle the "meat glue"?
  6. You might try adding another bead or two in front of the body, to be sure your blade has plenty of room to spin without hitting the body.
  7. The weight transfer 2.5 square bills are the ticket in the windy Delta. I hope you find some good ones.
  8. That's a great video! Thanks for sharing.
  9. Will you carry the weight transfer squarebills?
  10. I think it's because they read Bassmaster Mag. Hahaha Good luck when you do get on the water.
  11. For years I fished the Fat Ika for the same reason. Berkley said the most hit bait was a cylinder, which is like a craw without claws.
  12. I apologize for the late reply. I don't check the Gallery much anymore. Yes, I fish chatterbaits a lot. They put out great vibrations, so they are good in off color water. I fish either the bluegill pattern or a white/ chartreuse shad pattern, with some kind of a swimbait trailer. I always have at least one on my deck.
  13. White with a few drops of yellow, and then add dark brown to dirty it up.
  14. I agree. Good injector. Keep it lubed with cooking spray, and the O rings will last much longer. Use the search feature here to read up for brands to use for plastisol, color, glitter, and molds. Lots of good info. there.
  15. When I used the Hardener, I dipped my bait for five count, and hung it to drip dry for 24 hours. Then I hit it with my hair dryer on high, and watched as the end grain had solvent seep out and bubble. I repeated that process, hanging to dry and then hitting it with the hair dryer, until no more seeping or bubbling occured. At that point I hung it again for 24 hours, and then started my primer/paint/topcoat process. I never got it to work perfectly. That's part of the reason I switched to PVC to build with. Totally waterproof from the beginning. I could shape, add my hdwe, ballast weight, prime, paint, and topcoat with Solarez UV in one day, and fish the bait that same day, if I'm in a hurry.
  16. Just be sure to let the wood hardener fully cure before you paint. Otherwise, the hardener will continue to outgas solvent and create bubbles in you paint.
  17. I'm sure she did. My grandson loves his, too. He got it today at a family birthday party and went nuts! It was fun to see.
  18. Recently, I went, with my daughter's family, to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. My older grandson was fascinated by the otters. Afterward, I remembered a large, two-piece otter wake bait I had made, and then found too heavy to throw all day. So, yesterday, I dug it out of my old baits stash, cut off the bill, removed the hook hangers, and put a stubby fat senco onto it for a tail. He'll get it today, and I think he'll love it. It's not the first old bait I've given him, but it's the first one that actually looks like something he's seen recently and liked. Lucky grandpa!
  19. Buy good tools, and you'll only need to buy them once. Good tools eliminate a lot of the problems and frustrations that can making pouring soft plastics a slog.
  20. Just be sure that whichever fan you use is explosion proof, like the fans in kitchen hoods.
  21. Thanks for sharing. Looks like a great site!
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