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  1. Sounds like a good idea. I think that's what some people do to thicken the heads of their tubes, or to lock in the eyes on swimbaits, so I don't see why it wouldn't work for thicken the heads of regular soft plastic baits.
  2. My friend gave me an older Lee pot and some lead. It is a "Production Pot IV", and the lead is an assortment of heavy lead sinkers. How can I fire it up and begin using it? The last time I poured lead it was in the '70s, and I was casting pyramid surf sinkers in sand molds, so I am basically a newbie, starting from scratch. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. I'd like to try adding some highlite powder or glitter onto the inside face of my swimbait molds before I pour them, to get more detail. What can I use as a carrier for the powder or glitter? Will just spraying the mold with PAM allow the powder or glue to stick long enough to get it onto the face of the swimbait, instead of just slipping down and into the hot plastic? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  4. That's why I use larger Indiana blades. They spin more easily than the Colorado at high speed, and still move a lot of water, so I still get the thump I want.
  5. I think a feathered rear treble would help it get bitten.
  6. I buy the unpainted bodies from LurePartsOnline. https://www.lurepartsonline.com/King-Spin-Heads I prime them with Rustoleum Self Etching Primer, hand paint the heads with Createx airbrush paints, using an artists brush, add the eyes, topcoat with clear fingernail polish, and add the skirts and blades.
  7. Add you hooks and then test float it to see how much ballast you need. If it's a popper, I would try to make it hung tail down at 45 degrees, as a starting point. Depending on the shape of the mouth, you may need more or less ballast to get it to pop. Good luck!
  8. Drat! Now where will I get all my illicit male enhancement product? ;O)
  9. Erick, here's a picture of one that's been eaten a lot.
  10. Thanks you. Lots to chose from.
  11. I've been adding a couple of drops of super glue to lock the wired, and smooth the coils. I'll be looking for some shrink wrap online. What size do you use?
  12. Does anyone here know who makes a good bluegill mold with a boot tail?
  13. Darkman, Figure out what is the forage you have in the lake you're fishing, and to match it. Up here on the Delta I fish spinnerbaits a lot. There is always wind, the water is usually not crystal clear. The fish are in the grass, or relating to it, because their main forage is bluegill, year round. I like a head that will go through grass, and blades that give off a lot of vibration. I do like flash, too For me, the ideal spinnerbait is one from Lure Pars Online. I like their King Spin Heads, mostly in 3/8 or 1/2 oz. I use a smallish Colorado blade in front, in chrome, and a bigger Indiana blade on the back, in brass. For me, that head, painted green pumpkin with turq. cheeks and an orange belly, and a wired skirt with green pumpkin/blue flake and a little orange skirt matl. on the belly, really match a bluegill coming through the grass. I've had bass jump out of the water to grab that bait when it pops over a tulle. It really provokes a reaction bite, especially from bigger fish. I think the bigger vibration scares the little fish away.
  14. My friend Barry Sterud (Barry's Baits) makes and paints some beautiful baits. I always look to his work for inspiration.
  15. If you're truly a beginner, I suggest that you take the time to learn as much as you can before you start. Read the three or four threads at the top of the Soft Baits Forum. They include how to stuff, and also how to avoid being hurt while you're making baits. There are also You Tube videos that share helpful info. We all learned from others, but also from our own mistakes. A little research before you begin can help you avoid costly, and even painful, mistakes.
  16. Yesterday, I sat in front of the computer, instead of venturing out into my 100+ degree garage. I was looking for something to keep me inside, so I went online to TU. I looked at the Hard Baits Gallery for the first time in a long time. Big mistake! You guys are real artists with an air brush. By comparison, my baits look like I used a foam roller. It's a good thing my garage is attached, or I'd be tempted to burn it down, and take up knitting. Hahaha Thanks for sharing some beautiful work.
  17. I do the same thing with chatterbaits in the winter. I drag them slowly along the bottom, with a rage bug trailer, so the blade acts like a rattle.
  18. I would test that idea with an air compressor to see if it is actually the case. That's how I test all my propped baits.
  19. I'm still stuck trying to figure out 3D glasses!
  20. What is the reason to add the bead on the shaft inside the clevis?
  21. I tie my skirts on with thread, and then wire wrap over that, so the skirt is pinched and forced away from the jig's head. The jigs I use have a skirt color to tie the skirt onto which helps force the skirt material up away from the jig head. I've found that rubber skirt colors don't pinch tight enough to do that.
  22. Smart! I never thought about shrink wrap, but I'll try it now. I figured someone else would have done it, too, but I never read about it anywhere, so I just thought I'd share. Ever since I had a 5lber eat the blades only, and get both the main hook and the trailer hook in it's underjaw instead of in it's mouth, I've been closing the blade wire before I wrap the R bend, so the blade vibe is closer to the bait and hook. I want them to focus on the part with the hook in it.
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