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  1. Slongs Fishing Lures does spincasting.
  2. Or you can just buy garlic concentrated from somewhere like "Steve's Custom Scents" and add it to mineral seed oil. Charlie
  3. Check out Slongs Fishing Lures. Sean does spincasting and also does some custom work for others. Charlie
  4. Sounds like you've got some dirty lead. You may need to drain your pot, clean it up and start over again. Do you only use clean lead when pouring? If your using wheel weights and other things like that you would be better off just to melt all that down into ingots at one time and clean the pot. Then you will have clean lead and shouldn't have a problem with it clogging. The only time mine clogs is when I'm melting down dirty lead to ingots. Charlie
  5. Okeechobee craw is Blue Saphire and Green Pumpkin Laminate.
  6. Call Sean Long at Slong's Fishing Lures at 270-339-5745. Tell him Charlie told you to call. Charlie
  7. Has anyone ever heard what happened with this? Charlie
  8. Cliff, We use the plain laminated bags and our labels are vinyl labels printed by Crowne Label in TN. We've priced printed bags but it will cost too much right now because we use 4 different sizes of bags. Charlie
  9. I get mine from Inpact Poly. http://inpactpoly.com/ Charlie
  10. From what I've found not matter which bag you use unless it is a laminated bag it will eventually leak and become nasty. If your going to sale I would recommend the laminated bag. Looks much better. Charlie
  11. Charmer Baits is just across the KY state line in Evansville Indiana. Slong's Fishing Lures is in Madisonville KY. Let me know if I can help out. Charlie
  12. Check out Slongs Fishing Lures. He makes some real heavy shakey head jigs, some up to 3/4 oz with 7/0 & 8/0 hooks. Charlie
  13. Doesn't surprise me one bit. I quit shopping at Bass Pro and all the mega chain stores about 2 years ago. I will only spend my money at the small mom & pop stores or order online directly from the manufacturer. I may pay a little more but at least I know where it goes. And most of the time the small shops are cheaper or at least really close in price. Charlie
  14. You need to get setup with your state and the federal government as a business. Anything you produce and sell you will have to pay 10% excise tax. Even though you consider it a hobby the minute you sell something you are a business. Especially if you sell to stores they are going to want invoices/receipts and will claim them as expenses. The last thing you want to do is not be setup legally then have the IRS calling you. Charlie
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