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  1. One Sock


    My version of a inline buzzfrog. I assembled the rig and also made the frog using a combination of injection and handpour
  2. They look fine as far as the dent goes, tgere coukd numerous reasons make sure you top off your mold, certain senko molds need spru extenders. Search threads in here, lots of information.
  3. been a while since I have been on here, I remember trying to do a perch color stick bait and came out with fire tiger instead. I use to make these all the time about 11 years ago when i was doing hand pours. I will have to revisit it now that i'm back into making baits again
  4. It's been a few years and wanted to see how much has changed, wow am i impressed. I have been quite busy the past few years and only making baits for myself. I want to get back into business again, but not hand pouring, I have researched a few injectors and will most definetly do laminates again. so what are the best injectors out there right now
  5. Been a while guys, been working more than pouring, stopped the whole ebay thing due to ridculous prices and garbage being sold out there, but have quite a few steady customers and picked up a few FLW guys for some custom baits. decided to just stick with custom baits now and seems to be a lot less stressful not having to pour for hours on end to fill orders anyway, been a while and wanted to drop by and see who is still around and say hi to the new generation of pourers. Just picked up the bent worm mold from Bob and it is really nice, didn't think i would be able to pour them with salt, but I can and have made some nice lamintes, well sort of more of a solid color with a stripe, fish love them 5.9 inchs long and more like a skinny senko, I have been tearing them up on them, so if you had doubts or questions about the mold here is your answer, they rock, will post some pictures soon of some of the new stuff and new colors, good to see some of the old dogs still hanging around. tight lines
  6. Kim, Looking forward to trying it out, will place another order soon
  7. Where are you getting your colors from?
  8. I use big split shots in my color bottles, they don't clog the nozzle and keep the colors stirred good
  9. Bob's frogs are very good easy to pour and run great if rigged properly, too many times people use the wrong hook on frogs and it causes them to flip and track wrong on the retrieve, best to use a hitchiker when rigging frogs
  10. how much do they cost and what size? Information Pleeeeze
  11. beautiful bait Jim, very nice job..when do I get my all exclusive clear with black and silver grubs:wink:
  12. hey who better? I mean voting now is like two seats on the titanic at least with me you have a guy who likes to fish, loves the outdoors and simplethings in life, is creative, is main street america, has no interest in people giving him money(unless it;s for worms) can not be bought out by the berkely's and zooms of the world would change all fishing tournaments to solar powered trolling motors( rainy days should be spent with the kids) would have leveled iraq years ago and took all the damn oil, gas would now be 45 cents a gallon would have capped what doctors could charge for health care and would not pay them a cent if they didn't figure out what was wrong in the first place..I mean come on even the guy who finishes last in medical school is still called a doctor, put them all on a pay for performance plan but seriously, it's just a spoof, everyone needs a good laugh every now and then
  13. it was my understanding that Bob got screwed over by this guy, but that's just what i heard
  14. One Sock

    Nice bass

    Took this Pig on one of my 5 inch stickbaits., give me any color as long as it's purple:)
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