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  1. Hi , I sent a request to your PM ,, Thanks
  2. Hi ,, I need another pound of Propionate Wood Sealer !!

    Please send the paypal invoice to ,, TPIgnatello57@Earthlink.Net

    Thanks ,, Tony

  3. I like to use small zip ties, you can find them in the electrical dept at Home depot , and then I aply a dab of super glue and that holds the flash really nice against the coil... I hope this helps you~~T
  4. just signed up and paid VIA paypal for a year !! This site is well worth it , and I hope one day I can contribute something valuable to the site !! Keep up the good work ~~~T:)
  5. TJP

    Iwata repair

    I need to send my Micron CM-C plus for repair. I live near Chicago , where is a good place to send it with a quick turn around ?? Any ideas ?? I checked the Iwata website and found really nothing there .. Thanks Guys
  6. Mark , there is no problem,, this is an addiction I enjoy !! I can agree with everything David listed,, been there done that !!! "diner is ready,,,,"I'LL BE RIGHT THERE" ( 2 hours later !!) "
  7. This is a sickness that takes over !!! You come home from work sneak out to the shop for say ,,,,"just an hour Hon ,, I'll be in shortly" ,,next thing you know it's 2am !!!!!
  8. Oscar , check out Ebay,, a little cheaper there
  9. I just got a Iwata Custom Micron cm-c plus on Friday ,, Holy crap is this thing awesome,, Snax was right , it will change the way you paint !! ,,But then again I guess thats why ya pay $400 for it !!
  10. Any of you Guys have a pike pattern your willing to share ?? I'm using createx , I found the colors I like for pike at Hobby Lobby,, The brand is "Anitas all purpose acrylic", these are water based kinda like the Apple Barrel , folk art brands.. Can these be sprayed with my air brushes ?? And as always , Thanks Guys, your amazing around here !!!
  11. Here's some more advice to confuse you !!! Look for the 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby ,(check out their website) take the coupon and you can purchase a decent Iwata eclipse and then check out this link http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/Displayitem.taf?itemnumber=93657 Someone here posted this a while back (sorry can't remember who) but it's a decent air compessor with a regulator and water filter.. This combo will get you going with some decent equipment.. Also as stated before , don't over look the Badger garage sale Good luck and please post you results
  12. Again , thanks for the tips
  13. That's great , just what I'm looking for. You Guys are the best !!!!!!
  14. Thanks Guys ,, your too kind !!!
  15. Thanks a bunch Riverman, The blanks I'm using are kinda light so I want to give them a little extra something !!!
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