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  1. Congrats to all the winners!! Great looking baits!
  2. Fatman


    Enjoyed it!
  3. Well there is no such place! As I also tie flies I've built up quite a mass of materials. I get some nice skins on ebay. Check with goodwill I've found some nice old beat up fur coats for cheap - tear out the lining and you can cut them into zonker strips! or cut the fur off and use it that way. The feathers from craft stores I've never seen any good in them and folks I know who've tried the boa's the color wash's out. Enjoy the madness!!
  4. First I heard of this was from Fly Anglers On line back in 2007! Jim Hatch the guy doing them even sent me one of his pig bugs!!
  5. Wagner dual heat from Home Depot. Never had a problem with it.
  6. I use these, their surgical towel holders you can get on the bay. A member on a panfish board recommended them for breaking powder paint out of the eyes and they work great.
  7. After you cut use an old comb and brush out the fuzzy fibers at the cut, I also to this on natural furs.
  8. Fatman


    Try Beads in Bulk https://beadsinbulk.com/
  9. I made mine from instructions that Cadman sent me. A buddy on another board sent me some filter material but I haven't been able to match it at McMaster Car to buy more.
  10. I've always added clear to all my colors but I also use a lot of automotive powders. I do all my base coats with the fluid bed and then brush tap my other colors over the top.
  11. Fatman

    Mustang Wire

    Did Mustang Wire go out of business? Their website isn't coming up.
  12. Flatten one of the blades, make your pattern and trim them and they should fit right on the blade
  13. It's listed at Zeiners https://www.zeiners.com/doit/teardropjig.html
  14. I've tried the Jacquards and Pylam but unless you're doing a lot they're too expensive. I use Fly Dye from Lureparts on line and a little goes a long way! https://www.lurepartsonline.com/Anglers-Fly-Dyes
  15. I've powder painted small blades and haven't had any problems with them.
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