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  1. I've tried the Jacquards and Pylam but unless you're doing a lot they're too expensive. I use Fly Dye from Lureparts on line and a little goes a long way! https://www.lurepartsonline.com/Anglers-Fly-Dyes
  2. I've powder painted small blades and haven't had any problems with them.
  3. It's a cheap bobber stop- You may have to squeeze the eye on the swivel a bit but after you put it on carefully thread the bobber stop on. OR use small heat shrink tubing, put it over the eyelet of the swivel shrink it and then slowly slide it on the hook. Either way is fine but have extra set up if you need to change your plastic.
  4. Everyone I've ever seen the colors bleed out. I use mallard, teal, gadwall flank feathers either plain or ones that I've dyed myself. I use craft fur or arctic fox or other fox tails for the float and flies. But most furs can be used for float and flys
  5. I've never had that problem and I hate sooted molds if I find one on ebay! Are you using a different hook than the mold calls for?? That could make it stick if there's a rough edge, or it wasn't seated right.
  6. That's what I've gotten from old lead pipe. It's good lead but it takes a lot to clean it. I know a bunch of people who order from Chuck and Deb and no problems. Just realize shipping anything right now takes forever!! Welcome aboard!
  7. Fatman

    Waspi head cement

    I don't know what to tell you as I don't use any on my hair ties.
  8. before you do anything with them get some vinagar and clean the heads in it, rinse and dry really well then heat and try to powder coat them. A friend who used drop out spray had that problem and did the cleaning in vinegar and it took care of the problem
  9. Fatman


    when I had the old Do it tail spinner I used the .030 wire form and a 2 or 3 colorado blade. Sounds about right!!
  10. the only gold I have is Pearl Ex solar gold you mix it with clear powder paint
  11. Fatman


    It's used for making segmented bodies on flies. I have some and have used it but prefer real quill for bodies. Try it and decide for yourself.
  12. You could always use the Pencil Sinker mold and lay a think wire, close the mold and hit it with a rubber mallet to make the groove. Then mold it with a wire just like the Lure Body mold Pencil Sinker Sz: 1 1/4, 1 3/4, 2 1/2
  13. A friend on another board did this video on different markers it takes a while to watch but it's worth it! https://youtu.be/Bf_4WY4R8-8
  14. Would that be the Eagle Claw 630?? That's the heavy wire version of the 570 and Capt hooks has those if it's the right one.
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