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  1. Thanks for the replies everybody. Roto Metals actually does sell a 6% antimony alloy at a hair over $5/lb called hardball alloy for guys who want harder lead bullets. They also used to sell a product they called hard alloy (I have about 20 lbs of it) that guys would mix with their pure lead to get various hardness lead for bullet casting. I didn't see "hard alloy" listed on their website just now, but I may not have known what to look for. I originally bought mine from them off Amazon. Don't know if they still sell on Amazon or not. Now I need to find a second casting pot to
  2. Dead soft pretty nearly pure lead pours very well. I've been buying near pure lead from roto metals for years for testing. In the real world a harder alloy, not brittle, would be better. I'm not looking for suggestions for scrap lead or salvage lead or "I use so much wheel weights" or anything like that. I'm looking for a harder tougher lead alloy that still casts relatively easily. An answer from somebody who's knowledgeable and can possibly provide approximate percentages of other metals in the alloy.
  3. Try posting some videos. Yeah, what he said. Also, a channel with a geographic name will have narrower appeal than one of with more topical name. "Fishing" would be better than "Decatur Fishing" for example. "WE" Call it Catching - NOT Fishing If you want to go with a geographic title trying using one that's a little borader. World of Fishing Galactic Fishing Experts Trans Dimensional Aquatic Extraction & Probing
  4. No clue. I've never poured bismuth. This is an aluminum mold and for lead casting it pours best when pressure casting. That is holding it up against the spout on a bottom pour pot before opening the valve in the pot.
  5. DOH! I just realized you are in Arizona too. I'm sure slow sometimes. LOL. We should hook up on the Colorado River sometime. I fish out of Fisher's Landing a lot, but I also know most of the dirt launches in stretches of river that you can't get to from there.
  6. I like it. Quite a bit different than the other idea we were talking about, and a lot easier to implement.
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  11. Yep. A couple of them. Not the first time. Years ago one of my customers bought a custom mold, and then said, "Hey. I don't have an injector that will fill that." I didn't have any either, and I was not really in the injector business so I made three, took all the best parts to make one, and sent that one to him. (After testing his mold.) I kept the other two for my own use for many years. Then a few weeks ago another one of my customers was whining and carrying on (for days) that he needed some more injectors and nobody had any for immediate shipment so I sold him the two old ones I h
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  13. I don't think I am going to make a bigger one for now. This about maxes out the envelope of the high speed machines. I could make them bigger on one of the other machines, but it would take a lot longer driving up the price.
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