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  1. Meant to say it's all lots small gains as opposed to a few big gains
  2. I can't share a lot for obvious reasons, but I have a hand full of customers that have grown to regional sales and have had to learn about greater production and cost savings to maintain their growth. A couple have outgrown my ability to provide for them in some fields. (I still don't have a machine big enough and fast enough for the big 20 x 30 plates. I have come up with a modular solution, but most people won't listen long enough for me to tell them that. Anyway, as to using social media for sales. I don't necessarily mean go on the tackle sales groups and solicit sales. I rarely do that, and it usually only has a result if I am offering a discount. Even those sales are usually to people who were already going to buy that product anyway. Of course molds are different than baits. I show off my work on my business pages, and because so many people follow my personal page I post stuff there. I post show off and brag pictures on linkedin and twitter as well. Its just general product exposure. Name recognition. Sometimes I'll post real fishing reports and fishing adventures. I'll name baits that came from molds I made, but I don't ruin it by hacking "oh by the way the mold is for sale" into every other sentence. People will ask me "what is that" or "where can I buy that." I do post sales solicitations in general sales groups, local exchanges, craiglist, and others. I also sometimes post trade machining for ________. All of those things actually do result in some sales. Its all lots of small gains as opposed to a few gains. I'm not saying to make social media your life. Just take what it gives and move on. Or don't. Everybody is different.
  3. Social media can be used as a network to generate sales if you use it for that. This forum is an awesome resource for learning new things about tackle making, but generally it's not a place for tackle sales. I started tackle making in my uncle's basement and then later on my own, but this forum opened the floodgates for me.
  4. I've made a lot of molds using press fit stainless dowel pins. I usually buy a several hundred to a couple thousand at a time.
  5. I expect any of the mold companies that have been around more than a few years "could" copy a bait at least roughly. The question is if they would. Personally I have a policy that says, "I will not knowingly make an exact copy of a non-generic current production commercial bait." I spell out in my policy that there is no loophole for "What's the least I have to change." If you are not making a real product improvement or real product change I just won't do it. Of course there are those will try to get me to make knockoffs for them by saying all kinds of things including one guy who told me to shove my morals up my @$$ because he just wanted what he wanted. And of course I am ABSOLUTELY NOT telling YOU what YOU can or can't do. Just like it wouldn't be right for you to tell me that. I do make nostalgia bait molds from time to time. Usually for some older angler who wants to fish with a bait he used as a kid and nobody has made it for 20 or 30 years. I rather enjoy doing those. Also consider that there are a lot more mold makers now than when I started making molds. Other mold makers may have slightly different policies. That is their choice. Just contact a bunch of them. See what they say, and of course if its your own design or you see ways you could make real functional and/or obvious visual improvements I might look at it. To be honest you can probably find somebody to make it. You probably can't find somebody to make it fast. I have had a minimum backlog of 2-3 months prepaid work for years, and the last few years its often much longer than that. Other mold makers that I am on good terms with are similarly busy. There is one more thing to think of. There are a freaking lot of mold makers out there now with a lot of designs. Somebody may already make something close enough to what you want. If they do it will be a fraction of the price of having something custom made. I probably don't. I don't have any proper craw molds at this time in my public library. Don't worry somebody will be along shortly to lecture me on how I should do knockoffs. There are always is. I'm not telling them what to do either, and they shouldn't tell me what to do. If they do I'll ask for my post to be removed or the thread locked. I do not want to engage in that sort of bickery.
  6. I think unless you are a nationally recognized household name among anglers you are going to be hard pressed to sell the company as a whole. Some angler/venture capitalist in New Mexico has to know your name, and know people in New York will know your name before they would be interested. If you just want out its going to probably be piecemeal at pennies on the dollar for your hard assets. Tackle maker related groups may realize the best prices, but I sell stuff on eBay and Etsy with varying results. You have some good designs. If you want to sell the company and get more out of it I think you are going to need to put more into it. More time promoting. Spamming craigslist in every city. Getting on local and regional fishing and tackle groups and investing time in learning their rules about how you can (or can't) expose your name and your products. ** Do a search and send 10-20 sampler bags of baits to every youth fishing organization and event you can find every where in the country (maybe the world). Then when everybody knows your name... When you are making sales and expanding production... and finally starting to make real money... THAT is when its time to hire a broker. A business is not magically worth anything just because it has a name or even because it exists. You have to build the name one brick at a time. Just like building the business. Its not anything until it actually is something. ** For example, I run a fishing forum called Yuma Bass Man. I do not allow companies to blatantly spam my forum. PERIOD. Even a new member intro post that is just about their business will be removed. However, I do allow a company related avatar. I allow a signature field that can have a link and a small graphic with the rule being if you have to ask if its to much then it is. Every time a business owner WHO PLAYS BY THE RULES and is a participating MEMBER of the community instead of a USER of the community their company information is seen by every person who reads that thread. Help another member. Appreciate a great story. Post your own adventures. Every time you participate as a real community member you are rewarded. Post garbage posts for exposure. Comment just for the ad space on every thread. Abuse the community, and you will vanish from the forum like somebody went back in time and erased you from the timeline like a bad science fiction plot. Most forums DO NOT allow as much as I do, but most have some level at which you can expose yourself and your business to new forums and new anglers if you READ THEIR RULES. pretending ignorance and saying, "Well I thought this forum was here to share with people, I'll be sure to make sure everybody I know is told its not," will get rubbed out like an EraserMate signature on a million dollar check. One thing I do is go fishing using baits that came from molds I made. When I have a fishing a adventure to share I mention all the baits I caught fish with. Not a staccato list of baits I caught fish on, but a tail of my day with mention of what worked. I get questions like, "What's a Club-O?" "Where can I find Curly Buzz Frogs?" "What in the heck is an RT45?" "Who made that mini crankbait you were using?" When I answer them (in a non spammy way) I am contributing to the community in a positive manner. Helping other folks, and sharing a fishing adventure. It doesn't hurt that I had a one good instructor who taught me how to write. (I don't always do it the way she taught me.)
  7. Look what showed up on my newsfeed just now. I wonder if anybody else saw it or if it was just tailored to me for manipulation purposes. I did NOT buy an ad on the MSN news feed. Have any of you guys ever had surprise ads like this appear in your newsfeed? Ones you know you never paid for?
  8. Look what showed up on my newsfeed just now. I wonder if anybody else saw it or if it was just tailored to me for manipulation purposes. I did NOT buy an ad on the MSN news feed.
  9. https://www.cncmolds.com/webstore/resin-casting-molds/2-inch-mini-crank.html
  10. https://www.cncmolds.com/webstore/resin-casting-molds/2-inch-mini-crank.html
  11. Shooting the JUMBO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKsWJ4xuoEk
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