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  1. Delbert Wilcox DelMart Molds
  2. http://www.azcastnblast.com/forums/showthread.php?3489-RIP-Delw
  3. I exchanged a few messages with Harry Simmons (sales rep for Victory) and it seems they are starting out with the most popular sizes and styles. My opinion is they are taking advantage of the covid sales boom, and the fact that often in the last year items were out of stock from older known vendors. I recently was asked to work on a project using some Victory hooks. I was sent Mustad, Eagle Claw, and Victory hooks in the same sizes. I found on testing the Victory hooks were very sticky sharp. At a glance they look very good and on pull testing they were as strong before permanent bend as similar size premium hooks. Since I do custom work and I am often asked for a "perfect" (no such thing) fit for a particular hook I started measuring across batches of hooks. The one thing i noticed is visibly there was not any real difference, but when I started measuring and fitting the Victory hooks I had slightly less consistency in exact shape than other premium hooks and even some regular line hooks. Its not horrific, but I had to make things a little sloppier. The eyes weren't consistently the same flatness. The shanks weren't consistently the same straightness. The radius and angle of the bend (90 in this case) were not perfect from hook to hook. I think for a cross over hook in a Do-It mold it would be no issue as for the most part Do-It molds tend to have greater looseness tolerance for hooks. If you have a custom mold that is a "perfect" fit for a particular hook and you are trying to cross over a Victory hook it was not made for you may need to file a little clearance or have to expect some resistance to closing the mold as it forces the hooks into the slots. Does this mean I think Victory hooks are bad? No. They are sticky sharp, and they are as strong for their wire size as any other premium hook. They are using good metallurgy What about the size/shape/fitment tolerance? It should be ok. Like I said, they will probably work just fine in mass produced molds that also have loose tolerances. At worst you may have to jiggle the mold and press a little in a custom mold crossover that it wasn't specifically designed for it. Does that mean they are no good for custom molds? No. any custom mold maker can make a mold that will fit most of any hook you choose. Just make sure they have an ample sample size to test and measure. Don't be that guy who sends one hook and says "fit this one." Does this mean I shouldn't buy Victory hooks if I'm that guy who's voice goes up in pitch when I say the word EXACTLY? Not at all. They are very good, decent price, and better than many lower end hooks from many of the major manufacturers. Beside YOU CAN GET THEM. Even when I saw other hooks as unavailable and sold out I was able to get Victory hooks. Yeah, but you seemed to go out of your way to point out their shortcomings. I also tried to point out their strengths. Every hook was sticky sharp. The wire quality and metallurgy is very good, the price is good, and they are available. Now I am going to let you in on a little secret. I have chatted with Harry Simmons off and on for years. Mostly be email and a few times by phone. I started talking with him when he worked at Mustad, and he has history going back further than that. In my opinion he's not going to keep representing a product that isn't constantly evolving and improving. As consistent as Mustad hooks are he still would talk the actual manufacturing plants trying to get better and better consistency so that every hook in a model and size was always "perfectly" interchangeable with any other of that size and model number. I doubt that he left that drive for better and better product behind. The Victory hooks are good now, and they will be getting better over time.
  4. I did check around to see if anybody besides RCBS had these at a lower price yet. I didn't see any, and MidwayUSA still shows them as not available with no back order.
  5. I have really liked my old analog RCBS Pro Melt 20 lb lead pot. Its what I use for all my testing, and it has far out service (at higher cost) my older Lee Pots. I have absolutely no financial interest in a RCBS, and I used to be (still am maybe) a Lee dealer. The Lee pots are "ok for the price," but the RCBS pot I have is in my opinion much better. Well RCBS came out with the RCBS 2 with a digital controller a while back, had a few issues with the new controller, and then their weren't any available for a very very very (yes 3 verys) long time. I just got an email notice today that the digital control RCBS Pro Melt 2 is available again. It also holds 5 more pounds of lead over my old analog lead melting pot. There is nothing wrong with the pot I have, but I'll be ordering one of the new ones shortly, and using the one I have as a backup and for testing other alloys. https://www.rcbs.com/bullet-casting/melting/pro-melt2/16-81099.html?
  6. I have heard Shawn is only doing limited custom work for a handful of people these days, but I have not been able to confirm that. I asked him, but he never responded to me. Maybe just because I make molds.
  7. I do a lot of custom work, but not if you are in a hurry. I've got several months (about 4) backlog on the custom jobs board right now.
  8. Do they have any Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails nail polish?
  9. I saw this posted on one of the Facebook groups a little while ago.
  10. I have not, but its been unavailable for very long time now. Running a 220 outlet to the back is not THAT big of a deal. I had to run outlets for all my other machines and its not a big deal. Plus, I plan to run a little bit larger hard plastic injection machine sometime in the future back there anyway.
  11. Thanks for the replies everybody. Roto Metals actually does sell a 6% antimony alloy at a hair over $5/lb called hardball alloy for guys who want harder lead bullets. They also used to sell a product they called hard alloy (I have about 20 lbs of it) that guys would mix with their pure lead to get various hardness lead for bullet casting. I didn't see "hard alloy" listed on their website just now, but I may not have known what to look for. I originally bought mine from them off Amazon. Don't know if they still sell on Amazon or not. Now I need to find a second casting pot to go with my old RCBS Pro Melt. I want to keep it filed with soft lead, and set up a second for hard lead. Looks like the only thing close still on the market is either a 220V RCBS 2 or a Lyman MAG 25. I don't have a 220V circuit back in the corner where my bait making bench is, but I guess I could run one.
  12. Dead soft pretty nearly pure lead pours very well. I've been buying near pure lead from roto metals for years for testing. In the real world a harder alloy, not brittle, would be better. I'm not looking for suggestions for scrap lead or salvage lead or "I use so much wheel weights" or anything like that. I'm looking for a harder tougher lead alloy that still casts relatively easily. An answer from somebody who's knowledgeable and can possibly provide approximate percentages of other metals in the alloy.
  13. Try posting some videos. Yeah, what he said. Also, a channel with a geographic name will have narrower appeal than one of with more topical name. "Fishing" would be better than "Decatur Fishing" for example. "WE" Call it Catching - NOT Fishing If you want to go with a geographic title trying using one that's a little borader. World of Fishing Galactic Fishing Experts Trans Dimensional Aquatic Extraction & Probing
  14. No clue. I've never poured bismuth. This is an aluminum mold and for lead casting it pours best when pressure casting. That is holding it up against the spout on a bottom pour pot before opening the valve in the pot.
  15. DOH! I just realized you are in Arizona too. I'm sure slow sometimes. LOL. We should hook up on the Colorado River sometime. I fish out of Fisher's Landing a lot, but I also know most of the dirt launches in stretches of river that you can't get to from there.
  16. I like it. Quite a bit different than the other idea we were talking about, and a lot easier to implement.
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  21. Yep. A couple of them. Not the first time. Years ago one of my customers bought a custom mold, and then said, "Hey. I don't have an injector that will fill that." I didn't have any either, and I was not really in the injector business so I made three, took all the best parts to make one, and sent that one to him. (After testing his mold.) I kept the other two for my own use for many years. Then a few weeks ago another one of my customers was whining and carrying on (for days) that he needed some more injectors and nobody had any for immediate shipment so I sold him the two old ones I had on the wall. Then I had to test some new big molds again, and I didn't have any injectors so I had to make a couple more. These are to big for regular use so I still need to make a couple more. I used these two to try working up a process and order of operations to be able to make them efficiently. I still have no plans to be in the injector business, but eventually I'd like to have a dozen smaller (6 ounce) injectors and half a dozen large injectors maybe a little smaller than these 15 ouncers for those days when I make up my next years supply of a particular bait. More molds is more efficient, but so is more injectors. That way you can fill all your molds before you have to stop to clean injectors. I never understood why more people don't make their own injectors or have them made locally. Anybody with a metal lathe can make one. The first one I made was on an el cheapo Harbor Freight 7x10 mini lathe.
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  23. I don't think I am going to make a bigger one for now. This about maxes out the envelope of the high speed machines. I could make them bigger on one of the other machines, but it would take a lot longer driving up the price.
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