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  1. Thanks! It's just over 2 oz. Check out the other video with sound. This bait is loud! https://youtu.be/qwh53jIXTM0
  2. Creek Bluegill. Painted with an airbrush and createx paint. Then sealed with two coats of Devon 2 ton epoxy.
  3. This is a hand poured 7" Soft Plastic Crappie Swimbait. There are several steps that go into making this bait. The first step is to carve a master from PVC board. Then I make a PoP mold of the master. The custom harass is then placed in the mold, and the plastisol is hand poured in a two part process. The swimbait is painted using hand brushes and an air brush to achieve the final finish. This finish was modeled after a northern Florida black crappie.
  4. This lure has a 5" body (10" with tail), and is hand carved from select A grade cedar. It also contains a super loud handmade rattle chamber in the head that takes full advantage of the head roll action this rat has when being retrieved. The lure is hand painted with a brush to achieve the most realistic presentation. Honestly, you can't see the real beauty of this bait until you see it in the water. Please check out my video below.
  5. Field Mouse Wakebait Materials: cedar, felt (fur), leather (ears), plastisol (tail), and monofilament (whiskers) This baits stays on the surface with a tight wiggle. The movement is subtle. The main thing you see moving is the tail.
  6. Nope, It looks like a good version of a blue tilapia to me
  7. The "El Salto baby tilapia..." is actually a young texas cichlid (Herichthys cyanoguttatus). I have kept them as pets for years, and have seen tons of them in the Texas Hill Country Rivers.
  8. I mix extra fine glitter in the decvon 2-ton before i do my top coat.
  9. This is my fifth generation of my crankbaits. They are base on the POE's 100 series. I think have them exactly how I want them now. I fish crankbaits alot in the summer and a fast rise tiggers a lot of strikes for me. So, these rise fairly quickly. I have three sizes. A 2" model dives 6-7ft, 2.25 model dives 10-12ft, 2.5" dives 15ft+. Now here is my new challenge. Suspending Jerkbaits and my new shallow crankbait
  10. Thanks guys. If it wasn't for all the post on this site i don't i would have ever been able to do such a good job so quickly. I have to admit, lure making is an addiction. Esp for a perfection like me. I am shipping all these off to a couple friends in OK and IL, and i am starting on a new batch of more bouyant crankbaits, with a small angle on the lip. Although i am catching fish, i don't think i am catching all the fish that can be caught with my pattern. I can't wait to start on my new model.
  11. It did feel great. I actually caught a bass on my first crankbait while testing the action. It was on a bullhead color crankbait.
  12. I just started making crankbaits late summer this year. I got a lot of good info from this site and would like show off some of my new crankbaits. Thanks for all the help guys. Made from balsa. Only dive about 5ft and rise slow. Almost suspending. Wasn't exact action i wanted. Made from balsa, Dives 7ft very quick, and rises a little faster than the first one. Close but still not there. The proof is in the pudding My next batch is be more bouyant. Where i fish the bass suspend a lot. And the banks drop off steep. So you need a quick diving crankbait that has a fast rise to trigger strikes in the summer. Here is the new prototype of my suspending jerkbait.
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