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  1. I was browsing the new site and there are a lot of new items. But I think the prices are higher than I want to pay, add in shipping and it's definitely sticker shock! I purchased a two ounce jar of Crinkle Silver from Tj's tackle, and the price with shipping was twenty bucks. Every place is raising their prices along with shipping. I'm hoping that prices will stabilize soon.
  2. I have some Durhams. I forgot I had it. Getting old has it's disadvantageous! I'll have to get some stuff ready to pour this spring. I don't want to mess with it when it's this cold.
  3. Which do you prefer? The R bend or the old fashioned twisted wire tie? I like the twisted ones better. I don't feel like my knot and line is going to slip, and it has happened. I feel that it's an easier step to skip in the production process. I don't pour my own lead anymore and sometimes I regret it, but I'm not going to start spending more money just for my own personal use. And every so often I come across more lead that I had stashed away and forgotten about.
  4. I like the eyes and some creative skirts.
  5. Try Jann's netcraft,or Barlows
  6. Has anyone made their own jig mold? I don't want to spend the money for a do-it type mold as I don't feel I would get my monies worth from it. Basically wanting something home made. I have heard of some making molds for pouring lead. any info would be appreciated. Thank you.
  7. I like Boss powder coat. They offer some different color options for bright color combinations. Tj's has crinkle paint that allows for many colors on a jig similar to hydro dipping.
  8. Fishin Big

    orange bait.jpg

    Very cool! I love the color.
  9. Welcome to the site. I'm from Uniontown, Ohio.
  10. Try using a different style blade. Do you make your own baits? Different blades give off different vibrations.
  11. That's messed up! I was not aware of that. Something to look at when making a high end product.
  12. I was curious about the same thing. Then they posted their news about updating the site. Which was a relief for me.
  13. No, there is not an aluminum shortage. Aluminum is one of the most readily available metals on the planet. I believe mold makers are trying to be conservative by getting rid of stock that they are paying taxes on. I like the teardrop jig on a smaller size, and I would be more inclined to buy a true mooneye jig mold with 3/8, and smaller. Shipping prices are rising almost weekly. To have a custom mold made costs a pretty penny.
  14. I've been using TJ's and Boss and since I don't pour my own jigs ,to justify the cost of molds and lead melting I mostly buy small quantities of powder and jigs .Boss makes a base coat for some very nice effects, as does TJ'S crinkle powder. I'm just getting started and learning through trial and error! The choices of colors are mind boggling and can get expensive, especially with the rise in shipping costs .
  15. Does anyone know if his site is still up? He does custom painted baits and videos on how to paint, along with 3d stencils. I believe his name is Russell Allen.
  16. Has anyone made a purchase from them? I'm looking for any info. Thanks.
  17. Fishin Big


    There is a lot scamming going around, especially at this time of the year. With online shopping more prevalent. People are seeing attempts of less than a dollar appear on their accounts. This is just a phishing attempt, and if successful they will spend your hard earned money on just about anything leaving a mess for you to deal with. This is most common with Debit cards. Credit cards are more protected and Pay Pal has consumer protection as well. You can get a Pay Pal credit card also. For those that don't qualify for a credit card, or don't want one , Pay Pal is a better payment option. when shopping online, at check out choose Pay Pal. If you don't have a Pay Pal account you should be directed to; how to set up an account. Or you can contact Pay Pal for further information. I am not telling anyone to do so, but just letting people know there are choices.
  18. This is another reason why we should manufacture our own products. I know that it cost and environmental, but there should be ways to start a business and stay in business. All of this made in other countries stuff is making it hard for the average person to have access to materials for a hobby, let alone a small business. I have owned several small businesses over the years and was pushed out by a larger company that did their business overseas. Except for the USA and fair trade countries the global economy supports monopolies.
  19. Thanks for posting the link. Hopefully I might come close.
  20. For those that build through wire baits. I recently watched a video about using super glue and water. Some guys cut a slot for the wire, others cut them in half. I tested this on balsa,pine,oak. The ones I used super glue with water were far stronger than with just super glue. Just something I thought I would pass along.
  21. You can Google him or on YouTube. One word, you'll know your on the right track when you see his tattoos. Cool guy. Doesn't really talk, but just watching him work shows how simple a creative mind produces something that, if we try ,we can do that too.
  22. Check this guy out on YouTube. He does some really nice and innovative stuff. He mostly carves his own stuff. On one build he snipped some hair off of his dog's tail and rubbed some fur from his cat. All humanly of course.
  23. What clear coat are you using? I believe that a black base coat is used for the chrome to pop.
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