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  1. not all toaster ovens have an accurate temperature, similar to ovens. Hope you figure it out so you can get some good results.
  2. I know this is an old thread, but, many, many years ago I owned a Hunting and Fishing business as a Distributor. That was pretty successful until my partner thought he didn't feel the need to file his portion tax documents. The IRS frowns upon this and I was served a summons to appear in Federal Court! I personally have a friend that works for the IRS, I called her up and explained what was going on. Her advice was that I fill out the form she will send to me before the court date. It arrived with a separate hand written note; Do Not sign your name on any part of the enclosed form!! her directions instructed me to; Write from the bottom left hand corner to the top righthand corner," I am no longer a partner in this business" I had dissolved the partnership then and there .No forms or documents necessary. I made another attempt at continuing in the sales side of fishing equipment, however, that was at a time when big money was starting to run the small guys out of their way. And I caved in and took their money. I was ,by that time working two jobs, one as a welder and the other as a broke fishing business. My friend at the IRS, Laughed so hard when I called her and told her what I had done that, after a moment I did see the humor. She asked if I made any money from selling out? When I told her how much, She stopped laughing! My first business I started back in 1979 and closed in 1989, per the Partnership debacle. In today's world it's just a hobby for me even if I do make enough to pay for supplies.
  3. Nice! Is that a leather tail?
  4. I just ordered a couple of bottles and some 4050 from Spraygunner. I can't justify driving 60 miles round trip with these gas prices. You can build up the color in thin layers and air dry, it's not recommended to heat set the Candy.
  5. What size jigs are making? Here's a trick that I got from YouTube, go to SDG on YouTube and do a search of his video's. He explains it better than I can. This k eps the jig eye open and no more drips of powder paint,because that's what is actully happening, your jigs aren't melting, the powder coat is. Hope this helps.
  6. I like it. Just hope it doesn't scare the fish away!
  7. After re-reading your original post you may have received a bad batch. I know that KBS is air and humidity sensitive. Something could have been introduced during manufacturing or maybe shipping. I know people swear by it, and I haven't used it due to the cost, and right now shipping is outrageous.
  8. Have you tried contacting the company? At the cost, I know how frustrating this can be. This looks like a reaction to the paint itself. What paint are you using? There are additives for adhesion promotion, undercoat clear, and other additives. are you reducing your paints? There are paints that are only compatible with their own proprietary brands. I hope you figure this out. I would also suggest that you contact some of those on YouTube that are using KBS. There is a new top coating by Lurebuild.com called Lure coat ,you brush this on and it's formulated for airbrush paints.
  9. Respirators are the biggest investment of using Plastisol. The average person will NOT make this investment due to the high cost. A real 3M Respirator will set you back about 1k. However, you must ask yourself, is my health that important? For myself, it is. You see guys on YouTube just going about this like there's nothing wrong with what they are doing! If you follow their advice...well I hope you have excellent insurance. Here is an example of how expensive the Real equipment is; just the six point head strap costs $106.00. This is for a motorized sealed filter full face respirator. I have welded for many years. And for the past twenty years my company provided these units. I own two of them, and when the plant shutdown I was told to keep them. Last month one of the six straps broke. I thought no big deal I'll order one and get a couple of filters ! You can only buy the filters by the case of six, at $1,399.00 a case! I'm glad that I took every one of these from work nine altogether. Welding and plastisol/ polymers are some of the most hazardous products that many people have no clue about. And as stated in a recent post the company's are there to make money PERIOD!!
  10. Fishin Big


    Has anyone tried Dead on Plastics dyes? I'm considering getting some for hard baits like square bills. I saw somewhere that it was used on tail of a plopper type bait. It was a transparent color. I really liked the look. If anyone has any ideas I'm interested. Thanks
  11. I just bought some Lure coat from lurebuild.com When it gets here I'll try some, it's a two part coating designed for lures. I've seen the results, and it is very good. $42.00 includes shipping. Better than 2 ton easily.
  12. I like your YouTube work. And I will check this out Thanks.
  13. Is anyone using Createx Candy 2.0? I'm going to start using it soon. The colors are amazing. I was having a lot of tip drying using any of the other Createx paints until I learned how to thin them. With the Candy you only need a carrier (4050). I was doing some research on the Wicked colors, which I really like. and then took a few classes on airbrushing and was impressed with the Candy2.0.
  14. Exactly. I do a lot of woodworking and save almost all of my scrap pieces.
  15. I use my cut offs and scrap pieces of wood, just to mess with what might work.
  16. Does anyone shop at Barlow's? I wanted to order one bottle of colorant as I didn't to buy anything else. At the checkout I was informed I needed to make a purchase of fifteen dollars or more !? I don't feel the need to shop at Barlow's ,for this reason alone. And I know they won't miss me not being a customer, as that big business doesn't really give a darn ! I'm just wondering how others feel about this.
  17. Fishin Big

    Kill dot

    I see this on just about any Shad imitation bait centered mid body. When a live Shad has it more or less near the top of gill plate. I played around with this one and mostly believe it's just for the fisherman! I did have a different experience with painting a series of dots like those on a live Shad. That one caught more fish than the others. I picked up some shifting colors from a gaming store last fall and I see some now offered by a lure supplier, and these are much bigger bottles than the ones I have. I might get a few of them. I painted my older Rapala lures in different Shad colors and they are the smaller size Rapala, one being a sinker model, this one caught four Bass and two Crappie. This Spring is going to be interesting!
  18. What do you use as topcoat? I like it.
  19. Same here. You might want to try a lower air pressure. But you may need to thin the paint a bit.
  20. I used to have several wire forming jigs and over time they were lost, by a former business partner along with many other pieces of equipment.
  21. Fishin Big

    3d pens

    I just saw this on a video. A 3d drawing pen that uses PLA filament. It was used to make a lure stencil. Not too sure if it's worth the time but it was interesting.
  22. Do you direct tie ? Or us an o ring or snap?
  23. Check out skirts unlimited, and boss skirts.
  24. I was browsing the new site and there are a lot of new items. But I think the prices are higher than I want to pay, add in shipping and it's definitely sticker shock! I purchased a two ounce jar of Crinkle Silver from Tj's tackle, and the price with shipping was twenty bucks. Every place is raising their prices along with shipping. I'm hoping that prices will stabilize soon.
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