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  1. Thinking about having some hired help pouring baits but it seems like a major task. With all the competition out there I dont expect good replies. But those of you out there that do have hired help are you making enough to make it worth it? Im's are welcome. Thanks KB.
  2. Just wondering how much is the price of a 55 gal drum of the soft ..... I have used some of there samples and all, but never have ordered large quantities. Thanks for any input in advance..
  3. Is that 40.00 for both molds plus shipping? If so I'll take'em.
  4. Small 2oz injectors with two color tips & adapter lookin for 80.00 shipped .
  5. Small 6oz two color injectors with adapter lookin for 80.00 shipped .
  6. I'll take the crazy craw if it's still available. KB
  7. Anyone know the weight of a Yamamoto Ika? In Oz, grain, or gram? I dont have any laying around And I dont really want to buy a pack. Thanks for any help. KB
  8. I tried this on a mold allready, It did not do what I wanted it to do, but it was on a open pour mold maybe an injection mold will be different? Let us know what happens.
  9. "Pawn shops" Ya it's been that kind of day. Good golly...POND SHOPS? POND SHOPS?
  10. Well dang! Off to the pond shops. Get a good one at a pond shop for around $30.00 Sucks though I was in the middle of a good pour trying to pump out 240 split tails, it broke at 90. And the wife said noooooooooooooo waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Most of ya know what that means...
  11. So what is your favorite injection mold? Mine would have to be the tube mold by Bear,2nd would be the skirt mold. I don't even throw a tube,so it's not like a favorite bait. I think it's the small tantacles that are almost impossible to hand pour is why I like them so much.
  12. I know Delmart has one thats dead on but only see it in a 1 piece mold but they might have it in injection, Some of his molds are not shown.
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