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  1. Just wondering if any of you out there are currently pouring Dels 2pc Brush Hog bait.
  2. +3 for Del's 4.5" full round diamond tail worm. luv it luv it luv it!
  3. ChadK


    I use Avery also. 2 x 4. not real chep. I'd love to find cheaper. If these are the same dimentions they'd be almost a third of the cost. Thanks for the link. I may need to give them a try.
  4. also, what 4" worm is this?? is this the full round diamond tail worm 5 Cav?
  5. Interest in a mold Mav. Sent you a PM
  6. If your re-melting tips or old plastic from a previous pour you may see some bubbles. YOu can let it sit for a bit and they will disapate.
  7. + 1 for Mike. He's put the time in and has cut through alot of the trial and error for us.
  8. I bet your exactly right Mike. I am VERY carefull to make sure my mixer has NEVER scraped the bottom or sides during revolutions. Once you get it set right, you pretty much never have to adjust it again.
  9. Oh gosh, many many gallons for sure. I'm using Flour salt for the most part so its VERY fine. It is Mortons 50lb sacks. I may do the replacement pot at some point. I found one teflon spray on the net I tried and it did not work at all. Left a goo on the bottom of the pot. I probably have left plastic in it before if you think this could be a cause. There are area that are getting worse with every pour. I have tried the Pam also. Cant ever seem to find the garlic though. I think I read somewhere they werent making that one anymore. It does not seem to do me any good. I just dont w
  10. I'm using one of mikes pots and have to say it works out well. I've used up to 8 cups at a time in it. Never have a problem with mixing until you get down to that last 1/8 inch of clearance. My problem now is the teflon scratching up from all the salt. Has anyone found a solution for this yet? Its never a problem cleaning the motor paddle. but cleaning the bottom is now getting tougher.
  11. I hope I did not come off negative about any supplier. That was not my intention at. As a matter of fact, I received superior service from them. First rate customer service, same day shipping, speedy delivery, and all at a fair price. Not to mention they carry just about any size you want in stock. I purchase my smaller bags from another supplier who does not carry this size in stock. For whatever reason, my smaller bags seem a bit thicker and may have a different, slightly superior zipper. They also have more of a border where the lamination is around the bag and a larger top portion where t
  12. does anyone make a solid color?
  13. I've tried M-F's Maroon red shad and its much too red and not nearly dark enough. Trying to darken that up with black does not work out either.
  14. I've tried a couple different variations, but I cant seem to find a red shad recipe that I'm happy with. Would anyone care to share a reccomendation? It seems like it should be as simple as a combinatin of red and black.
  15. a plug for mikes post and Mike himself. I'm ready for a second one.
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