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  1. Disc Cutter Set 7 Sizes 1/4"- 5/8" Cut Circular Metal Discs Round Jewelry Shapes 53926784165 | eBay I bought one of these, looks like I can make different size rattles. Wayne
  2. Thanks sounds good to me I have tubing and some SS balls don't laugh. Wayne
  3. Anyone know how to make large rattle chamber for musky baits Wayne
  4. Not you UKandy who ever made the video did a lot of work. Wayne
  5. It seems to me you did a lot of work, I would have just done one, say in the middle of sizes and worked with lip size and angle. I make musky baits which I am working on a little different in style from my other baits now. I go for depth first I have some lures from 10' to 27' then with different angles and no weights in fact I don't need weights unless for a small lure. I found that the size of lip will make a big difference in wobble and depth. Once I am satisfied with lip angle then line tie is next but I have a good idea with that from my other lures. Then I make a mold and start testing.
  6. Thanks I am stupid I have a V block just laying in my shop plus the tilt on my drill press should solve my problems. Thanks for giving me a good slap on the head. Wayne
  7. Location is not the problem, the problem is getting equal on all sides on a round lure which also has a slight taper towards the tail. Not easy I want the hole to be even so to place a eye in there. I have been thinking of painting my own eye but not that good at that but I just might try it. Wayne
  8. Trying to get a good hole for a eye on a round tapered lure. Any tips mine is drill deep and fill with epoxy that way you can tip the lure to level, anyone with a better way. Wayne
  9. ravenlures


    Check out Lure Parts Online. Wayne
  10. I don't do any balsa baits, once I get what I want I make resin musky baits with wire twist in during pour and that is not going anywhere. Wayne
  11. If you could find someone with a spin cast mold and do them for you I think you would be better off. I made jigs years ago and found that spin cast jigs are so much better than pouring myself. Just consider the missed pours and the burnt finger tips the cleaning up the jigs wasted time. I just bought 1 or 2 hundred at a time no wasted time and the price is not that much different. You just get them paint and bag done. Wayne
  12. All I can say is stay safe! Wayne
  13. I plan on using wicket gold or silver for a base on some baits and which ever base color I need for others I am just waiting to get going, I am having a little problem with some household chores sometimes a pain in the ass. Wayne
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