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  1. Nothing but ice here so it will just lay in sleep till spring. Thanks guys. Wayne
  2. I got this lure with no name or markings.
  3. Having your own is costly like 10 grand for a injection mold for production, so I would keep trying to find a supplier here in the states or overseas. You can always pour your own once you get it going you can be pouring in lots, but that gets complicated. I will be pouring a 4- lure mold of a bass lure but first one to get it right then 4 at a time. Keep trying and good luck. Wayne
  4. I am glad that you are asking these questions because I am thinking of building one. At first glance I would change the angle of the lip, after that go with what they say here which is helping me on my own project good luck and keep asking question these guys have a lot of information to pass on. Wayne
  5. Let's get back to the lure for a minute, even though you cut your lure lip slot before you turn it down if your centers are not perfect then your cut will be off. Looking at the lure after turning, from the nose with lip in your hand may see that the lip is leaning to one side, just a little, that might cause the lure running to one side. One thing that I do after turning down the lure I place the lip in the lure and place it on a flat surface and see how true it is make sure the lip is all the way in, at this point you might see that the lure it not in a straight line, the whole lure might be just a little off, at that point you must shave a little off the lip bottom of the lure on the that side needs it to straighten the lure. One more point if you cut your own lip then the lip must be square on the bottom, if not shave or cut a new lip to make it right. I hope this makes sense sometimes easer to show than write about it. Wayne
  6. When I do a lot of wood turning and need to sand on a wood lathe, I take my sand paper and spray adhesive the back and fold with a piece of plastic bag in the middle and trim, it gives more strength and you can put more pressure on the piece you are turning, which helps from ripping. Wayne
  7. George If it were my choice for a saltwater lure, I would use a resin poured lure or a PVC and all this worry about water penetration would be over, and get to testing the lure out and catch some fish. I realize that sometimes we try different methods but sometime we just get stubborn (like myself) and finally go to a proven way. But if you may then go to it. Regards Wayne
  8. Maybe you should talk to some of the guys on the wire baits forum. Wayne
  9. If I was to try anything I would go with a tad more hardener. On any epoxy type of coating. Wayne
  10. Anyfish Thanks I will check it out, maybe I should try more bucktail but the way this lure works its like a bobber. I am trying to get a video on here. Wayne
  11. Any tips on tying flashabou magnum, using on musky top water 7/0 - 8/0 hooks, or video I think I looked at them all just looking for some new magical way. Also tying with bucktail or silicone skirting. Wayne
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