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  1. Just wondering why half/half and not the whole lure mix resin/micro balloon's which I think will give you overall control of lure weight and then add weights where needed. Not much of a swim bait lure maker but I make musky baits for casting and trolling. Wayne
  2. What type of paint if Createx than you must use a hair dryer on them after you paint each color , 45 min might not be good enough in damp or humid conditions. Wayne
  3. I would try thinning your resin 5 to 10%. Do you brush it on or pour it on which I do most of the time depending on the size of the lure. Also look it over when on the lure turner then you can brush the areas needed. If the problem still their then it would most likely be the problem with the paint area. Wayne
  4. Maybe I should rewrite. What ever happened to the Web Site that we could join with our lure products. It was posted that it was coming for us to join, have heard nothing on this forum. Wayne
  5. ravenlures

    Web Site

    What ever with that web site for members to join. Wayne
  6. Well forget it the flash will stick together so not a good idea. Well we live and learn! Wayne
  7. I guess so will I also. Wayne
  8. Can flashabo be painted or dyed. If so with what? Wayne
  9. If you are going to carve for making a mold to reproduce a lure then I would go with Basswood, if you are carving to use as a fishing lure I would go with Cedar. Wayne
  10. Are you looking at 4" or 3" Wayne
  11. Well when I use up my KBS I will get a small amount of DN's or what ever and give it a try, by the time I use this up (KBS) there will be enough answers answered! Wayne
  12. Mark No what I was saying that I would let the poly settle and just pour the poly into another container, while I flush out the whatever settles in the bottom of the pint can and wash that out so I have a clean container to pour the poly back into. Do not stir the poly up just let it settle. Then I could use what was needed to mix my glow powder into a plastic cup and it was ready to spray. When you first open do not mix pour it out then wash out the pint can then you have a clean can, the poly works as a medium for mixing.I have not mixed anywith Createx but will try that out. Wayne
  13. One thing that I found out that not stirring the poly helped me in using it as a medium for glow paint. I just bought a pint and poured it into another container and washed out what was left in the bottom of the can. You might have to do it several times to get all of it out. I never mixed Createx with it, but it worked with the glow powder. Wayne
  14. I think I will just stay locally and through a web site. I am to old to fight any competition so I will just keep making what I make Musky, Northern or Bass I just like making them. But I will change most of my turning a lure in the summer and paint in the winter with a cap on how many to make and sell. Then enough is all I will make, and fishing them and selling at flea markets, which I enjoy telling new builders how to make their lure ideas come to fact. Like they say a patent is cheap but defending it is where you need more lawyers than they have,$$$$$ Wayne
  15. Depends on what you want to do with your carvings. If you want to look at them I would go with basswood, if you want to make a lure for reproducing with a mold then basswood or maple, if you want to make them too fish with I like white cedar which is good for all depths with proper weight maple is also good for deeper depths. Then there is the size of the lure you want too carve small lures balsa is what you should be carving. I am not a carver but use the tools that I have band saws, wood lathes, and sanders plus hand work. I make my musky lures out of white cedar then go to silicon mold then white resin making of the lures. Vanbass welcome to a bunch of good and help full guys. Wayne
  16. I use a Exacto knife also but if you take a set of tweezers and grind the edge to your liking I think that will work for you. Don't think to much just do it. Wayne
  17. I like to do my painting and pouring in the winter months and turning wood in the summer. I poured some resin in a very humid basement and it blew out and resin was breakable up in hand, winter is best for me. The White does not seem effected as much as the other resins. Wayne
  18. Disc Cutter Set 7 Sizes 1/4"- 5/8" Cut Circular Metal Discs Round Jewelry Shapes 53926784165 | eBay I bought one of these, looks like I can make different size rattles. Wayne
  19. Thanks sounds good to me I have tubing and some SS balls don't laugh. Wayne
  20. Anyone know how to make large rattle chamber for musky baits Wayne
  21. Not you UKandy who ever made the video did a lot of work. Wayne
  22. It seems to me you did a lot of work, I would have just done one, say in the middle of sizes and worked with lip size and angle. I make musky baits which I am working on a little different in style from my other baits now. I go for depth first I have some lures from 10' to 27' then with different angles and no weights in fact I don't need weights unless for a small lure. I found that the size of lip will make a big difference in wobble and depth. Once I am satisfied with lip angle then line tie is next but I have a good idea with that from my other lures. Then I make a mold and start testing. By changing the formula on the resin making lure lighter or heaver when I get all that down then I paint up and go fishing and give it the troll test to see if any blow out at higher speeds. That's my way, others do it their way. But you made all the changes at one time best to have one lure and and make changes along with documenting each move I think that works better than a lot of lures, It was a nice video. Wayne
  23. Thanks I am stupid I have a V block just laying in my shop plus the tilt on my drill press should solve my problems. Thanks for giving me a good slap on the head. Wayne
  24. Location is not the problem, the problem is getting equal on all sides on a round lure which also has a slight taper towards the tail. Not easy I want the hole to be even so to place a eye in there. I have been thinking of painting my own eye but not that good at that but I just might try it. Wayne
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