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  1. barrybait Remember me from the Musky show a few years back . Still at it but just older Joe my grandson gave me a great grandson. All doing fine here. Thanks' for the advice starting to go back to Cedar lures. Raven Lures Wayne
  2. I will make some up on scrap wood first Waqyne
  3. Thanks Mudbug Just wondering if I should when twisting wire should I twist them together and epoxy them last or should I make up a pin set up with a SS tube and some sort of stops through the wires. Wayne
  4. McMaster Carr has different size SS wire I could go with .062 to .100 and mess with one size wire. thanks, I will start twisting some wire and just epoxy into some scrap cedar. Thanks Wayne
  5. Need some help on jointing a musky bait. I plan on making 8" Northern type fish and want it to be jointed. Will be made from cedar 5/8" thick. I am thinking of using .092 SS eyes 2" long epoxide in or some type of pin set up, not sure which to go. Any information would be greatly appeached. Thanks Wayne
  6. Flat or round type of bait will help. One saw that really helped me was my radial saw for round lures I would cut them top down or bottom up. flat I would make a jig for my table saw and set the angle for what I needed. I also looked around for the right blade for the saws with the right kerf of thickness of the cut to meet the the lip size. Along time I had a blade made to the right thickness of 3/16" with a flat cut and it still is working great. Well worth the cost back then $60.00. Just use that head of yours and figure it out and come up with a jig to hold your lure. Wayne
  7. Does anyone make tail fins for 8" northern or Perch 8" Wayne
  8. First what type of coating are you using? Second, I don't think leaving the lures in front of a fan is necessary I think all you are doing is fanning the lure with humid air just heat with a heat gun, flame, hair dryer. I use Etex for my final 2 coats. At times I thin my Etex with denatured alcohol when humid in my basement during summer in the winter not needed humidity down to 35%. Hair dryer for Createx coating flame or heat gun, depends on size of lures, I make mostly Musky lures which I coat with Etex and smaller 6" and under I use KBS. Wayne
  9. It's a 3-piece swim bait I wonder if spraying would be better and brush around the sections using KBS, I am worried about bubbles, generally dip but this is my first swim bait. I will use rubber bands and see how that works. Wayne
  10. How do you clear coat swim baits that you cannot take apart without them sticking up and not moving. I can hardly see the SS joints. Need some advice on this. They are plastic. Wayne
  11. So true Mark, I have good intentions when I paint, but these guys are just as said ARTISTI Wayne
  12. A 12- to 14-foot-long lure is pretty big, Just kidding I am no carver I do most of my work on a lathe but, that size which I think is about 3" I would have started with a piece of balsa or bass wood, sands better, than see how it works and if you want cedar than switch to it. I am sure the guys who do carving will help you. Wayne
  13. no that's a good question when nothing comes out, that's the best answer I can give you. sometimes I wonder myself when empty. wayne
  14. Bigfish just use Bloxygen and you should not have problems. I do not let my lures drip in the jar when dipping. When done dipping I let my lure run into the KBS with a little to drip outside the jar, not sure if it really does anything just that's the way I do it. Wayne
  15. I thinned my KBS at 10% using their thinner. I am still using my quart bought over a year ago and have no problems in the jar I am using, which is a wide mouth. I do use Bloxygen each time I open and close my jar. I dip my 6" and smaller lures and on my musky lures I use Etex Lite either brushed on or poured on depending on size of lure. The KBS I just let them drip with wire for run off. The jar I use is glass and I use Petroleum Jelly on the lid after thinning and stirring the thinner, I let it stand for two days to let all the bubbles be removed. Always watch when dipping you don't touch the jar with your lure, so no Vaseline gets on the lure. My musky lures go on a lure turner getting two coats of the epoxy, and dip twice on the small lures. Wayne
  16. I was just wondering what type of fish you will be fishing for. Mudbug knows his lure types but knowing every lure that you will use well, once you start to fish you will settle on a few of these lures that catch the fish you are fishing and they will always be your go to lures, because they will be the ones in the water most of the time. Since you are just starting out you do have a good assortment of lures just need to learn at what times to use them, so do some reading and most of all just go fishing. You don't mention how old you are or fishing from shore or in a boat. Wayne
  17. ravenlures

    Garco Mcu

    Small lures KBS and musky lures ETex lite that's what I stick with I don't chase finish coats anymore; this is works for me. wayne
  18. Steen First what type of wood is it made from, if balsa then seal with super glue, then I would paint with an acrylic type of paint like Createx or whatever you have over there. Then use a KBS dipped clear coat or a brushed-on Epoxy. Wayne
  19. I'll stick with the middleman in the USA rather than deal with China just a better chance of getting the product. Cedar Run has delivered to me a product a lot faster than China. Also yes, some out of 100 there are some you have to just discard, 2 or 3. And yes Dinger Baits is top quality, you pay for what you get. I'm done. Wayne
  20. Yes, there are some manufactures, but buying from a supplier that resells lures from China is better that from directly buying from China as most of the money is staying here for the smaller supplier. It is hard to find a supplier in the USA. You could consider making them yourself, I myself like to do business with Cedar Run Outdoors lots to choose from and always with fast shipping. Wayne
  21. I would avoid China had an order and had to get my money back after 3 months of emails. I ordered from Amazon and had the same product in 3 days. Let's all stick to USA products I know it is hard too, but we must try I don't want to get political so I will stop at this point. Everything I pick up is almost all from China. I understand that this is the Delima this country is in, we just have to do are best I know it sometimes comes down to cost and we don't even know we are buying a product from China. Wayne
  22. I looked in all my books and can't seem to find this one, you guy's came through before so maybe someone knows of this one. It is plastic about 5 1/2" long jointed metal lip weighs 1oz, about 3/4" wide. would make a nice northern pattern.
  23. if you ever remove paint from spoons try aircraft paint remover, get from auto store, works great. quick too. Wayne
  24. I don't need a 3D printer when I can turn down a lure faster on a lathe. Just an old dog here that just don't want a 3D printer, I thought about it but too much thinking to make a lure. I stay within my boundaries and if needed then I could make one out of clay and reproduce that. 3D is for you younger guys who have and can do the mind work that is needed. I just enjoy how I do it, with my hands along with this crazy old mind. But keep up what you are doing, some day a program will come out with just a few inputs and there it is just 8 more hours to print it out. Wayne
  25. I cut blanks 1/4" or less on a bandsaw plus 1/8" aluminum with no problem. I have two scroll saws and most of the time they just sit there, band saw is faster I use a 1/8" blade which runs cooler when cutting and finish up with a sanding disk. For me I would take a band saw over a scroll saw. Wayne
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