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  1. Has anyone tried Seal Coat from Component Systems. I like it, easy to use it is water base, worm proof and crystal clear. Dip or spray. A little pricy but I like it. You can get from luresonline or stamina same place. crazywaynee
  2. I always seem to have a problem with belly weight dimples that require a lot of filling and sanding. Is there a better way or what do you do to fill them in. I am working with maple wood or cedar at times. I know you guys out there have the answer. crazywaynee
  3. Don't worry about taxes first get the business. Like the rest said it will be hard, so don't quit your day job. I am retired now and I sell what I make at flea markets, I like that better I plan on doing about 5 or 6 this summer. I make them in the winter and sell in the summer. More time to fish. I just did three last year and had fun talking to the guys, but they are there looking for a good deal. They just don't know how much time and cost go into a lure. I know this did'nt help but its tough out there. Crazywaynee
  4. ravenlures

    Troublemaker shad baits

    May I ask how long it took to do that great job. Some great machining there.
  5. One question what and where can I find wood foam for casting my own wooden lures.
  6. Heres a couple of places to try for motors for lure dryers. www.surpluscenter.com www.herbach.com www.mcmaster.com Good serching
  7. Hey Guys Heres a tip, I use 4oz. apple sauce cups for mixing and when done the epoxy comes right out. You can mix ,it seems, thinners, accetone and it does'nt bother it. Good for most small jobs.
  8. I realize that this is a matter of choice but those of you that do sell which do you prefer. Putting the lure in a plastic bag, or in a clamshell type. The clamshell is more attractive, but adds to the cost greatly. Today you have to really count your pennys, they add up fast. You can't find better information than on this forum.
  9. I am retired and make some of my own lures. I have sold on ebay and the cost catches up to you along with paypal. I am going to try flea markets and enjoy talking fishing stories. The competition is to much out there so if you have something good then try for a distributor, they cover a greater area. But prepare to work your but off if they catch on. That I know. So I plan on making the lures in the winter and sell them in the summer and have fun doing it. I live in Northeastern Wisconsin and plan three good flea markets where the fishermen go. Good Luck
  10. I like to use water but I use bottled water it has a neutral PH. If it really maters, I just do it.
  11. ravenlures


    Better off going to a local junk yard for lead than messing with old battries alot safer to. Price around .25 to .50 cents a pound or try a printer not many use lead anymore they justy might have some laying around. But printers type is harder. Crazywaynee
  12. BobP I would go to Staminainc.com or barlowstackle.com they have all you need.
  13. Thanks I guess it's up to me. Crazywaynee
  14. Hey whats the trick in gluing in the bill. Is it before you paint or after.
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