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  1. It seems to me you did a lot of work, I would have just done one, say in the middle of sizes and worked with lip size and angle. I make musky baits which I am working on a little different in style from my other baits now. I go for depth first I have some lures from 10' to 27' then with different angles and no weights in fact I don't need weights unless for a small lure. I found that the size of lip will make a big difference in wobble and depth. Once I am satisfied with lip angle then line tie is next but I have a good idea with that from my other lures. Then I make a mold and start testing. By changing the formula on the resin making lure lighter or heaver when I get all that down then I paint up and go fishing and give it the troll test to see if any blow out at higher speeds. That's my way, others do it their way. But you made all the changes at one time best to have one lure and and make changes along with documenting each move I think that works better than a lot of lures, It was a nice video. Wayne
  2. Thanks I am stupid I have a V block just laying in my shop plus the tilt on my drill press should solve my problems. Thanks for giving me a good slap on the head. Wayne
  3. Location is not the problem, the problem is getting equal on all sides on a round lure which also has a slight taper towards the tail. Not easy I want the hole to be even so to place a eye in there. I have been thinking of painting my own eye but not that good at that but I just might try it. Wayne
  4. Trying to get a good hole for a eye on a round tapered lure. Any tips mine is drill deep and fill with epoxy that way you can tip the lure to level, anyone with a better way. Wayne
  5. ravenlures


    Check out Lure Parts Online. Wayne
  6. I don't do any balsa baits, once I get what I want I make resin musky baits with wire twist in during pour and that is not going anywhere. Wayne
  7. If you could find someone with a spin cast mold and do them for you I think you would be better off. I made jigs years ago and found that spin cast jigs are so much better than pouring myself. Just consider the missed pours and the burnt finger tips the cleaning up the jigs wasted time. I just bought 1 or 2 hundred at a time no wasted time and the price is not that much different. You just get them paint and bag done. Wayne
  8. I plan on using wicket gold or silver for a base on some baits and which ever base color I need for others I am just waiting to get going, I am having a little problem with some household chores sometimes a pain in the ass. Wayne
  9. RMS Since have you tried dipping your clear coat to see if their is much difference it might be faster and only 1 maybe two dips. Wayne
  10. At one time I did use a airbrush for clear coating, unless you are properly set up with mask and air filtering set up I would not do it. It is too dangerous, dipping is the way to go plus no airbrush to clean which makes it worse. I keep a pale of hot water and with little dish soap in it and dip my brush in after every color change. Wayne.
  11. I saw those on you tube also. Good question what comes first the chicken or the egg in our case the fisherman or the fish, nothing ventured nothing gained. A lure compared to a flat metal plate, just don't know smaller area I will see, might be a waste of paint but if it does what I want then I will be satisfied if they catch both the fisherman and the fish then success I think. I will post some pictures when done still working on the master to test, then a mold and start painting. I move so fast a snail just past me. Wayne
  12. 4030 to mix with pigment and 4012 to reduce it to spray that is what I am reading to use. So it looks like it is up to me to try this out. Any more help would be great but it might be me telling the story on this paint, good luck to me. Wayne
  13. Before I start just wondering if you have any tips on using Auto-Air Candy Colors water-based. First time for me have 4012 reducer to use, will be airbrushing. Anything on base colors, will be brushing on resin musky baits. Wayne
  14. Waiting to finish up one musky bait and start testing. Wayne
  15. ravenlures

    Clear coats

    Ruan One thing that I do is thin out my Envirotex Lite with denatured alcohol and use a brush or pour on into another cup then I let drip a little then put on a turner. What size lures do you make. Wayne Bob P how far is Summerfield, NC from Bluffton, SC I will be taking a trip sometime this year down there.
  16. McMaster Carr lots of choices. Wayne
  17. I just use my tub in the basement .........works for me! Wayne
  18. I have a 6 gal on my back porch with a line to my basement where I do my airbrushing, nice and quite. Wayne
  19. Mark One more question how does this work with plastics (worms) and boat carpeting. I know concrete sealer sucks. Wayne
  20. Mark What size lures do you dip I myself six inches or bigger. KBS for smaller up to six and Etex lite for Wayne
  21. Now that we seem to keep talking about the lures of one color or another we seem to forget the packaging that really is the first look a fisherman sees. The brand is second then color he has maybe a minute or less to decide which lure he wants. So what order would you say is #1 color #2 packaging,#3 brand. This could start another page. Wayne
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