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  1. #3 #1 I think with that head flat it will take away from the lip just my thoughts. Wayne
  2. exx1976 Just remember a lot of the good lures were made by mistakes along the way. Wayne
  3. Big Epp You might want to check out your table saw bearings that might be where you are getting wobble. On blades I needed a 3/16" slot so I went to a saw sharping place and they made me a blade plus .003 for only 60.00 not bad, now that was a 5 years ago and it needs to be sharpened now. exx1976 You must understand that a planer will not make a board square only parallel, you have a better chance of a square board on a jointer or your table saw. Jointer first choice. For cutting a lip I use a radial saw or the table saw depends on size of lure and angle. Wayne
  4. Jason I will have to check as many as I can videos on duplicators before I start. Thanks Wayne
  5. Still not sure saw or router. Router with 4 blades would do a nice job and maybe not dull quickly. What you think, using Cedar mostly 85% Wayne
  6. Jason Thanks I put that on my watch list and it is a lot of 2 so would I need one for each motor. I am just getting what I need or think I need. to start with the drive then start with the screw set up. First make room this will be a slow project for me, waiting for parts and money as I go along. Wayne
  7. What I mean is, which one I would use coming off the motors, that would depend on how I set it up and what I have to work with. I guess I would need a converter for each motor. Can I use a speed reducer pod, would that work, or a speed reducer like I have on my router. I am no electrical wizz but I like projects, I will see need room in my shop first to start with base plywood. Wayne
  8. Dave If I have two wiper motors for drive would I just need a AC/DC converter to run them and gear/chain/pod what ever needed would this work. Wayne
  9. But what size or length was the ball screw 18" to 20" I am not looking at 12" or less ball screw. but will check on it. I would assume that the longer the more deflection there will be or am I wrong. Wayne
  10. Would the threaded rod 5/8"be ok instead of a ball screw I know that the ball screw is a more costly than the rod. I was at Menards and wasn't that bad and heavy enough for longer runs for longer lures. Time I have money I don't have like most of the retired lure makers. Motors I guess I would go with two. I really want to make this for my one son to have to make his own after I pass on. Wayne
  11. I would be working with 8" lures out of cedar so that's a long ball screw set up I will look into it would a motor that small work or to much of a load. Wayne
  12. Would it be better to use a motor and just gear it down instead of a pod for speed. I think it would work once you find the right gears set up and maybe cheaper in the long run, not sure. Plus you could set it up to run both feed and rotation of master lure. What you think? Also maybe easer to build. Wayne
  13. Just wondering if it cuts Maple and Cedar nicely or burn up the blade on Maple, balsa is always easy to cut no mater on what type of tool. Wayne
  14. Dave "The precision ball screw is really doing its job, the only downside is the threads per inch count which prevents you achieving a finer definition." Wouldn't just slowing down the screw make a finer cut, or is it a time concern. Wayne
  15. After looking at what I see which I would like to make out of cedar but I see a lot of sanding and I will stick with making molds and turning on lathe. Wayne
  16. Dave Yes I would think that the router would leave a smoother finish but I guess that the saw would cut faster and the feed would make it smooth and less heat than a router. Wayne
  17. I will have to keep that in mind, post it note would be better than my mind. Using a layzer would help in lining everything up I would think. What say you. Wayne
  18. Since I am not a welder which I always wanted to learn, but I see that it can be done on 3/4" or 1" plywood. I think I am going to start this project with yours in mine. This will take time getting all what I need but some is just laying a round, now to find and put to work. I am just making up my mind if saw or router is best. Any opinions on this. Will be using cedar and making musky lures 6" to 10" . Wayne
  19. Dave Since I make musky lures which are bigger I always think that I could do a lure in two pieces in other words a 9" lure would be two 5" and a 4" since the printer is max 250 mm or can a 9" from corner to corner be done in one piece. Wayne
  20. Well maybe I should just stop dreaming and just do it the way I have been doing the last twenty years and 10 before that making jigs. Wayne
  21. Check with Plano just type it in or clamshells Wayne
  22. I went to the local tech school shop and I asked if he could make me aluminum mold but his hands were tied because I was going to sell the lures and it conflicted with someone in another CNC company in town. So he could not do it if I was part of the class then different story. He didn't want to loose grant money. It would have been nice all I would have to pay for would be materials. Wayne
  23. Any recommendations on programs remember KISS Wayne
  24. exx1976 I made most out of resin and some cedar. People some liked the cedar and some liked the resin ones so that is part of why I am stepping back now, I will just take my time at 78 i am not going to think to far down the line my one son shows some interest and my one grandson worked with me. I just enjoy doing it maybe one big rummage sale late summer and a couple flea markets to sell what I have. One thing at flea markets some people just want to chew you down and another comes and tells you great work with no chewing down because they say they know what goes into making a lure. Here's a good one I had a lure for 18.00 and a guy comes up and says he will give me ten I told him I already came down from 50 bucks he walked away the next guy comes up and buys two and was very happy. That's the way it goes. Wayne
  25. I sold my lures at the Musky Show for 30 to 35.00 I also had a hard time selling on ebay for 5.00 so I just stopped and took a look at what and how I was doing my lures. Will come out with some new lures by early summer. Will have two types I will get rid of all my plastic lures which I purchased paint and sell and go back to 6" and bigger 9" to 12" out of wood which I enjoy and stay away from e-bay and find other means of selling maybe go back to my own web site not sure about face book. I also would like to do flea markets just to talk lure making with the guys. If this virus ever gets over with. Wayne
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