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  1. You can try Jeff Hill calhounsoftplastic.com
  2. Basseducer

    Bucktails for sale

    There are four. One of each color
  3. Yeah, the pic doesn't do it justice.
  4. It is a really rich purple, I use it for my Junebug.
  5. R.I.P. my friend you were such an influence in my early years with injection. Thank you.
  6. Brother I see you are in Fresno.  Kerman born and raised here and been living in Fresno for 30 years. Small world!


  7. It is a pretty cool design. The head is a soft foam which floats and has a sort of pocket for the eye of the hook. the body is a 5ish inch ribbon tail worm that swims side to side when pulled across the surface.
  8. Welcome back and you can send me all that old plastic and I'll test it out for you.
  9. I was looking through the shed the other day and came across these things. They are some sort of snake bait, but I don't recall the true name or the manufacturer. Anyone have any info on them.
  10. 4pair of used handles for Do-It lead molds. !9.00 includes shipping to lower 48
  11. Basseducer

    Bucktails for sale

    New un-opened bucktails. Black, Red, Chartreuse and White. $18.00 includes shipping to lower 48.
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