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  1. I am interested in the titatnium spinnerbait wires also.

  2. denb

    spinnerbait parts

    thanks I will give them a look
  3. Has anyone found a supplier for the high shine finish blades( all three Colorado, willow leaf, and Indiana) that don't cost an arm and a leg?
  4. When I use the Folk art I thin with the usual alcohol water glycerin thinner but I also pour thinned paint through cheese cloth to remove lumps. A little extra effort may save frustration later.
  5. this mix was posted here so it is not my creation: 2 ozs of plain white: add 5-6 drops of brown-mix good a few drops of gray-mix a couple drops of yellow-mix if too white add more brown if too bright add gray more yellow will give buttery tone
  6. I forgot to mention strain the paint through ladies hose or cheesecloth because there will always be a clump of paint to stop your brush up.
  7. I also use Wally World paint at times because they are more readily available than other brands in my hometown. I learned of a mix awhile back (from Snax?) that uses Ethyl alcohol,distilled water, and glycerin.The easiest way to find liquid Glycerin is in the form of liquid laxatives. The mix is: 2 parts water (4ozs.), one part alcohol (one oz.), and one or two drops glycerin. Thin paint as you see necessary. Hope this helps, it was a life saver for me.
  8. denb


    Vodkaman, I am interested also and cannot find a link, could you also send it to me? Thanks!
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