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  1. Does anyone have any tips on using powder paints with slip jigs and worm weights. How do you apply and cure?
  2. Nevermind I seen I posted this before
  3. On the Do It molds poison tail mold will a 5/0 hook fit in the 3/8
  4. I will probably get some I like the Trokar hooks yeah they are pricey but I just pour for myself
  5. Can you use bigger hooks on that mold I would like to do 4/0-6/0 on all cavities. want to get both molds. Or do you have to use the sizes displayed
  6. I use kick n bass on mine and squirt a Lil on them when I store them in a box make sure you use an oil based scent
  7. Are these hooks any good
  8. meallenjr

    PB&J Jig

    i have the big brush jig and really like it i wanna get the smaller mold good looking jig
  9. http://www.lilmacmolds.com/Midget_Molds.html. yeah i have seen the slip jig i am wanting tx rig weight mold with concave
  10. are these molds any good looking at the bullet slip sinker mold
  11. I have used durhams water putty it holds up better than pop make sure you let it drie completely
  12. Lil Mac molds has a one (never used it) it only goes to 1/2 oz I called hilts molds today and they told me they still make theres I might try it out I'm mainly looking for a 3/4 and 1 oz bullet mold
  13. I just called today and got the machine a so I emailed him I am wanting the same info about the worm weight
  14. How would I go about doing that I want to modify the brush jig to take a flat eye hook
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