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  1. Does anyone have any tips on using powder paints with slip jigs and worm weights. How do you apply and cure?
  2. Nevermind I seen I posted this before
  3. On the Do It molds poison tail mold will a 5/0 hook fit in the 3/8
  4. I will probably get some I like the Trokar hooks yeah they are pricey but I just pour for myself
  5. Can you use bigger hooks on that mold I would like to do 4/0-6/0 on all cavities. want to get both molds. Or do you have to use the sizes displayed
  6. I use kick n bass on mine and squirt a Lil on them when I store them in a box make sure you use an oil based scent
  7. Are these hooks any good
  8. meallenjr

    PB&J Jig

    i have the big brush jig and really like it i wanna get the smaller mold good looking jig
  9. http://www.lilmacmolds.com/Midget_Molds.html. yeah i have seen the slip jig i am wanting tx rig weight mold with concave
  10. are these molds any good looking at the bullet slip sinker mold
  11. I have used durhams water putty it holds up better than pop make sure you let it drie completely
  12. Lil Mac molds has a one (never used it) it only goes to 1/2 oz I called hilts molds today and they told me they still make theres I might try it out I'm mainly looking for a 3/4 and 1 oz bullet mold
  13. I just called today and got the machine a so I emailed him I am wanting the same info about the worm weight
  14. How would I go about doing that I want to modify the brush jig to take a flat eye hook
  15. I would like to know about the process and cost of it
  16. Has anyone used this mold if so is there a pic of the jig I am interested in this mold
  17. M@tt how do they fish in the grass
  18. meallenjr

    Brush Jig

    How does the brush jig fish in hydrilla or other grass
  19. How do you crimp the ends and can you put it on a skirt coller
  20. Has anyone made there own rattles for jigs
  21. Make your own mold with durhams water putty
  22. meallenjr

    Deep diver

    What crank is that did you make it
  23. meallenjr

    Deep diver

    What crank is that did you make it
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